The Slim Fast weight loss program is a healthy way to get a nutritious diet into your system. Does Slim Fast work for weight loss? Yes it does, it is one of the healthier ways to lose weight. Most of their products still contain healthy fats, like monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats that are good fats that the body requires. When diets completely strip away the amount of fats needed, then that can lead to health risks. The Slim Fast weight loss program can be a healthy way to lose weight. You still get a good amount of nutrition of vitamins and minerals into your diet.

The Slim Fast weight loss program doesn't just work with their shakes, snack bars, and meal replacement bars. They offer nutrition suggestions of foods and recipes as well. Getting a good exercise and avoiding harmful substances will also assist in trying to lose weight. However, Slim Fast products aren't strictly for weight loss. There are other health benefits you can get from using Slim Fast products. Slim Fast products can help promote an overall healthier lifestyle and can improve your cardiovascular health.

Who can use the Slim Fast Weight Loss Program

The Slim Fast weight loss program is not for kids. Adults can use it to promote a healthier lifestyle and lose weight. You're still eating sources of food, so that is important to realize. The Slim Fast diet contains good sources of fiber, protein, and helps to minimize the intake of excessive calories rather than stripping away calories. The Slim Fast weight loss program can be used for short-term, or long-term use for weight loss. If you want to get into shape fast for a wedding for example, then you can customize your program and work to get into shape fast. The diets can also help to promote cardiovascular health and can help to lower high blood sugar. If you have a history of health problems, be sure to check with your doctor before going on the Slim Fast weight loss program.

3 Slim Fast Diet Plan

You start off the 3-2-1 Slim Fast diet plan with a snack bar, one fruit, and another healthy snack to compliment with. You'll be given a Slim Fast snack bar of your choice. The snack bars that you can choose from are chocolate nougat gone nuts, chocolatey vanilla blitz, double dutch chocolate, nutty chocolate chew, and peanut butter crunch time. Then you'll have two different snacks to go with it. The Slim Fast diet plan will choose them for you, but you can customize your own snacks. The snacks should include fruit, nuts, or yogurt. Usually pistachios, almonds or yogurt can be apart of the 3 Slim Fast diet plan. Each day you'll be given fruit, and another healthy food source to go with it. This can be used as breakfast to start your day off if you prefer. Try to replace coffee with hot tea if you're a caffeine drinker to go with this step as a drink. Green tea specifically which speeds up the metabolism and helps you lose weight. Orange juice, grape juice, and apple juice is recommended as well.

2 Slim Fast Diet Plan

No actual food sources are apart of the second step in the Slim Fast diet plan. You get a choice of your Slim Fast shake combined with a meal replacement Slim Fast bar. Sometimes the diet plan will include shakes and mix shakes instead. These are basically meal replacements and you can use it to replace lunch. Don't replace dinner or breakfast. You don't need to eat any food, since you'll be getting about 350-400 calories from this step alone, so no food is required. The shakes are extremely healthy, and high in fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins and minerals. You can choose low carb Slim Fast shakes and high protein shakes as well. Carbohydrates can lead to weight loss if you use them to burn energy with. However, they can lead to weight gain if you don't.

1 Slim Fast Diet Plan

This step is the dinner meal. You'll receive actual recipes to help balance out your Slim Fast weight loss program for you. No Slim Fast products are used, just a 500 calorie meal. Most of these meals will be lean meats, and will contain high amounts of fiber, protein, and a side dish of a healthy vegetable. I'd recommend also making a healthy salad to go with the dinner. Use low fat and very little amount of salad dressing. A good source of green leaf vegetables contain a lot of important minerals. When you sign up for the Slim Fast weight loss program, you'll be able to choose the kind of meats that you like. You don't have to use meats if you're vegetarian.

How to Sign Up for the Slim Fast Weight Loss Program

How it works is pretty simple: sign up for the Slim Fast weight loss program at Slim Fast's website. It is free to sign up for their weight loss program. Once you sign up then you can start your Slim Fast weight loss program. Login and go to my plan. Each day you'll have a choosing of three snacks, two shakes or bars for lunch, and then a balanced meal for dinner. Enter what you're planning for. Anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, etc... Then you enter the day that you're starting and the date where you want to meet your goal. You'll have a progress report that will help you keep track.

Next you'll enter your weight and height. You get to personalize your meals. If you're not a lamb fan, then you don't have to include lamb into your diet. You get the options between beef, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, and vegetarian. You can check all of them, or whichever you prefer for meals. Once you're signed up, then you can start right away. You'll have your choice of which snack bar to choose from with two other foods, then your meal bar and shakes for the second course, and then your dinner meals. The entire week will be mapped out for your meals, and other Slim Fast products to apply into your diet. You're allowed to customize any snack, meal, or Slim Fast product that you choose. It is that simple! The Slim Fast weight loss program also encourages that you drink 8 glasses of cold water daily and apply 30 minutes of exercise into your lifestyle.

The Slim Fast diet plan combines about 1,000 calories, and the daily intake recommended is 2,000. You can still eat other foods to go along with your Slim Fast weight loss program. For lunch I'd recommended tuna fish sandwiches, lean turkey and chicken sandwiches with wheat bread. Wheat bread has fiber and helps with weight loss. For breakfast a hot bowl of oatmeal with skim milk is helpful. These are just some suggestions for healthy breakfasts and lunch meals to go along with the 3-2-1 Slim Fast weight loss program. You can choose the foods that you like.