Slim Xbox 360 with Kinetic


Attractive Design
Integrated Wi Fi
Touch Button Controls
Kinetic Support
Quiet Operation


Attracts Fingerprints
No HDMI cable

Full Review

The New Xbox 360 was announced very recently, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). It was somewhat overshadowed by Microsoft's other gaming announcement at the expo, that of the Microsoft Kinetic, but the Slim Xbox 360 (or the Xbox 360 S, to give it its official name) is worthy of attention on its own merits.

The Xbox 360 Slim is npot a revultionary improvement on the Xbox 360, and still has the same capabilities as its predecessor. This means that it can run all the Xbox 360 games, and use most of its accessories, with the exception of memory cards and Hard drives. The new xbox 360 no longer supports memory cards, but a recent software update ensures that you can use USB drives for the same purpose.

The casing of the unit is slightly smaller than the original, making the moniker "Slim" something of an overstatement. It has a glossy black finish, and the on and eject buttons have been replaced with touch-sensitive buttons, which gives a smoother operational experience.

Internally, the processor is a Triple Core IBM processor, and is much thinner than that in the original Xbox 360, and it generates a lot less heat as well. There is only one fan in the unit, but it is much better located than in the original 360, and this, combined with the extra heat vents in casing, means that the console is less likelly to overheat.

The original Xbox 360 was infamous for overheating problems, and the above changes should prevent these in the Slim Xbox 360. Of course, even if it does overheat, you will never see the "Red Ring of Death", since the new casing does not contain the red leds...

Changes in the way the fan and the DVD engine work mean that the new unit is a lot quieter than waht it used to be.

To widespread delight, the xbox 360 slim contains a Wi Fi connector, which used to be only available as a separate accessory. This makes networking it a lot more convenient. It also has an ethernet port, for those who insist on using a wired network.

The Xbox 360 Slim has five USB ports, two more than the original Xbox 360, better audio port support, and a power port for the Microsoft Kinetic (with older Xbox's, Microsoft Kinetic would require a separate power supply)

The current version of the Xbox 360 Slim includes a removable 250 Gb Harddrive, and ships with a wireless black controller, and a wired black headset.

In Closing

If you already have an Xbox 360 with a decent harddrive, I would not recommend ditching it in favour of the Xbox 360 Slim, but if you want to get one, than I think that the Slim Xbox 360 is the way to go.
If you are really itching to see what the console really looks like, you might want to also check out the Xbox 360 Slim unboxing.