Water shortages are a common but serious issue in almost every country around the globe. An increasing number of Australians have realized the importance of water conservation through methods like rain water harvesting. This water needs to be stored carefully in rain water tanks that are now a popular addition to urban family homes. Thanks to slimline water tanks, you aren’t left in a tight spot due to space constraints. These tanks are compact and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. They can also be customized to suit any space.

Manufacturers offer a variety of slimline water tanks made from poly, stainless steel, and steel. It is important to choose tanks made from food grade material so that water can be stored safely for a variety of purposes. Strength and durability are important factors when choosing a tank. Many manufacturers offer a long term repair or replacement warranty, which adds to its cost effectiveness. Speaking of costs, rain water tanks can help you save thousands of dollars in the long run. Using your regular water supply to water the garden, wash your car, and flush the toilet can only result in larger utility bills. Switching over to rain water allows you to save a significant amount, which makes your investment in slimline water tanks even more worthwhile.

With an increase in the amount of water restrictions being imposed by the authorities, installing slimline water tanks are undoubtedly a viable alternative and green solution as well. You are definitely doing your bit for the environment and much for your city’s water supply. Australian homeowners may qualify for a rebate if they choose to install rain water tanks. Many regions mandate the installation of rainwater tanks and therefore offer rebates that allow you to save as much as possible. You will need to check with the authorities whether you qualify for a government rebate prior to purchasing slimline water tanks. In some areas, rebates are as high as $1500 depending on the size and type.

Thanks to technology, you will find a number of aesthetically designed slimline water tanks in a variety of colours in shades of black, blue, red, green, and white. They are designed to suit any location, even alongside a fence, a house wall or to form an internal courtyard. You aren’t spoiled for choice when it comes to storage capacity with a number of models designed to hold rain water from 500 litres to 10,000 litres and more. Many of these tanks are made from the highest quality polyethylene that can withstand the ultraviolet rays. Besides, they are designed to fit around the side of the house so that they take up minimum space.

Now that you are well aware of the types of slimline water tanks available, the next step is to choose one according to your needs. You need to consider the size of your family so that you do not fall short of rainwater supply. The amount of rainfall you receive is one of the most important factors that will influence your choice of tank. For a relatively dry region you ought to consider a tank with a larger storage capacity. Make sure that your gutter system on the roof is properly installed so that the maximum amount of water collects in the water tank as possible. Most tanks come with a leaf strainer and mosquito mesh for added protection. Now that you are convinced about the benefits of harvesting rainwater and storing it in versatile slimline water tanks it may be time to get online and place your order today.