If you are after a slimmer you, but don't have the time to get into diet and exercise right now, there is a way to look up to 10 pounds slimmer instantly!

Lingerie. Now before you hit the back button, you have to remember just how horrible bad fitting lingerie, such as bras will look, with bulges and panty lines.

Losing pounds of course is one way to a slimmer body, but if you look at the bra you are wearing, and how it looks under your clothes, you are most likely going to see bulges and back fat pops out of bulges from ill fitting bras.


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Slimmer Body

To achieve a slimmer look, head to a professional bra fitter, and have them measure you and get you into the right bra. These are not the bras from the 1950's anymore, these are lightweight, engineered, well fitting bras. The local discount store is not going to carry all of these styles.

A professional bra fitter has access to all different styles and sizes, and she is likely going to find one for you. She may also suggest body lingerie, or body shapers, which looks like a swim suit, but is really comfortable, lightweight and will soften any rolls you may have such as belly fat.

These body shapers, are a great way to show off a slinky dress. So, to look thinner, and have a smooth body, you need to invest in lingerie that gives your body a smooth look. The minute you have back fat and bulges from underwear lines, you are actually going to look bigger than you are. So, by getting yourself some good fitting lingerie, you may end up looking 10 pounds lighter or more, just by smoothing out bulges from ill fitting under garments.

So, before you go shopping for baggier clothes to offset these bulges, maybe take the time and get fitted by a professional, and invest in yourself for a leaner looking body and good health. You will stand taller and breathe deeper. Many women get really hung up on size tags. So they will wear a dress that is a size too small, just so they can say they fit a size "14" for example, when they really need a size "16".

The size is just a ballpark for looking on the rack. To look slimmer, you also need to try on clothes that are the right size for you. You are not going to look good if your clothes are too tight, and you are tugging at ill fitting underwear.

So, along with exercise, diet etc, you do need to put on the right lingerie for a slimmer you. It is not healthy to wear a bra that is too small, and you need to be able to breathe!. If you can't take deep breaths, then you are not going to be healthy.

Get the proper lingerie, such as bras and underwear or a body shaper and then try on the right sized clothes over top. You may not be a big as you think, wearing the right layers will give you a slimmer body appearance. No rolls, no bulges, no back fat, and that smooth look is what you are going for.

So, get to a professional bar fitter and get into the right sized bra, for a slimmer body and a healthier one.