Men's Slimming Underwear

Slimming undergarments are gaining popularity among men. For so many years the fashion and the compression undergarment industry focused their efforts on shaping women's bodies. Men are just as vain and eager to tuck their tummy, slim their waist, bind or cover man boobs, lift and shape their butt, and enhance and contour their crotch or groin area. The drive to look thinner and in better shape is shared by men and women.

Compression Undergarments - Support Underwear for Men

When Spanx compression slimming undergarments were created for women, the company was inundated with letters and requests from men. The guys were asking for slimming underwear, tank tops, and shirts that enhanced their chests and crotch, sucked in and shaped their abs, and gave shape to men with flat butts. Spanx finally responded, unveilving their Spanx for men line of compression shirts and enhancing underwear. Spanx are not the only makers of slimming underwear though. The competition for slimming the torso and shaping the butt and crotch area is stiff. Slimming underwear and compression shirts and tanks are also great for posture. Compression clothing is built to inherently increase posture by pulling in the abdomen and pulling the shoulders back, both movements that lead to better posture, something that always makes men look thinner.

2 x ist Underwear

Contour Pouch Slimming Support Underwear Briefs

Men can find slimming underwear, tank suits, girdles, and compression shirts. Compression briefs are smaller, some shaped similar to a speedo. Non-slimming, regular men's underwear usually begs the question of "boxers or briefs," but slimming underwear can only be achieved with tight briefs. Slimming briefs have two different shapes. One looks more like a pair of tighty wightys or typical brief underwear, called the "trunk undewear" by 2 x ist. Underwear that covers the lower abdomen by pulling it in with the compression material are probably mo2xist Mens Contour Slimming Underwear Brief Butt Viewre comfortable than wearing the entire compression bodysuit or girdle for guys. The best type of slimming underwear briefs depend on body shape and expectations. The 2xist underwear with their contour pouch smooths the love handles taking approximately 1-2 inches off of the waistline, specifically designed to flatten the muffintop. The 2xist form contour pouch slimming underwear briefs are from the 2xist Form Collection, so there are others styles and slimming clothing available from this brand if you like it. The cotton contour pouch has a fly opening. Underwear color choices are white, nude, and black.

Andrew Christian - Slimming Underwear Briefs

ActiveSlim brief slimming underwear by Andrew Christian are also excellent. The Andrew Christian underwear briefs look good. They have a 7-inch waistband.  These shaping and slimming underwear flatten the belly taking off around two inches. These slimming briefs are V-shaped which helps with torso definition and maStrapless Body Shaper Slimming Underwear Brief for Men Andrew Christianking the abs and stomach appear smoother. Andrew Christian ActiveSlim support underwear, tummy control briefs, are super soft and feel like you are going comando with its "hang free" design. These underwear are a strapless body shaper without padding. They have room up front and as the description* says, "your package falls naturally into the super soft snuggle pocket to create a truly enjoyable unique wearing experience." Andrew Christain ActiveSlim men's shaping underwear also supports the butt. The Andrew Christian slimming underwear are  available at Amazon.

Compression Garments - Body Shaper Underwear Briefs

Men's slimming underwear briefs are not worn just for their body slimmer effect. These support undergarments help improve a man's posture. Underwear briefs that helps tighten the abdominal wall and flatten the love handles will bring the lower back in a little, resulting in him standing taller. Anyone who improves their posture looks thinner, and adds height, confidence, and a healthier look. Improving posture is the number one recommendation by chiropractors and physical therapists. If posture is an issue, which it is for most men and women, then try out the slimming underwear briefs. The microfiber waistband provides back support and improves posture. ActiveSlim EFX Brief slimming underwear has an anatomically correct pouch.

Men's shaping undergarments and slimming underwear briefs improve the overall look of your butt. Whether you want to erase the love handles, lift the butt, enhance the crotch, stand up straighter, or all of these, then slimming underwear briefs are a great choice. Slimming underwear is contoured to enhance the current shape and make sure that your Levi jeans look hot. Compression clothing is a must have if you are going to a high school reunion, wedding, job interview, or other important event or parties. If you don't like the waist slimmer underwear briefs then there are several other choices for slimming undergarments. The underwear is available is a variety of sizes even though the pictures look thin already. If you get them from Amazon they have an excellent return policy although make sure it includes shapewear. If you can't lose weight, look like you did!

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