Weight Loss for Life


So you want to lose weight. You want to be fitter, to feel good, to look younger. Its not a problem, just look around you. There is a whole industry that is geared up to sell you everything you will ever need to get slim. All you have to do is choose which option takes your fancy. Should you try the slimming pills. The super weight loss program, Atkins, the fast weight loss e-book or maybe the slimming patches. What ever you choose it doesn't really matter. because all these things are not about you losing weight. Its all about you handing over your hard earned cash to somebody else for something that will probably only work for a short period of time. If at all !
The weight loss industry is about making money.  

When you see a beautiful, slim, top women celebrity on the television promoting a product that allegedly makes her slim. Do you honestly believe that she actually uses that product. Of course not. She, like all other famous or well known celebrities endorse the products because they are getting paid very good money to do so. And why not, if you or I were offered a large sum of money to do the same, we would.

Now lets be fair here. If you find the right slimming product that suits you, you will lose weight. This can be a problem. Finding the right product that will suit you. We are all different, all individual. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another. But do you want to be taking slimming pills for the rest of your life. What will that cost you. In most cases, and this probably applies to you. You try slimming pills for a while, you lose a little weight, you stop using the pills and the weight piles back on. You try slimming patches but the same thing happens. Then a new dieting program that you have on the television. Then a consultancy advice program. Its a never ending circle where you pay good money for products that never really work. The only people benefiting from this is the people selling the slimming products. Take this for example. You can have specially prepared meals delivered to your door for £39 ($65) a week. Its all about getting you to spend your money. If your happy with that, fine. But if your really serious about losing weight and getting fit then read on.

All over the world there are people who work hard at staying slim and fit, but how do they do it. They eat properly and they exercise. For some it may be that 3 mile run every day, or twenty minutes in the gym before work. For others it may be a question of purchasing  one of the excellent work out DVDs. These work out DVDs are a first class investment in your slimming regime. You must choose what suits you.

There are three things you need to get slim and fit, and to stay slim and fit. The first thing you must do is eat sensibly and eat the right foods. The second thing is you must undertake some form of exercise. The third thing, and the most important is your mind. Your attitude. You seriously think that you get get slim and fit, and stay slim and fit, for the rest of your life simply by taking pills or wearing patches. I don't think so. The problem most people have is motivation, or rather lack of it. Are you prepared to exercise regularly, or will you give up. Can you say no to that piece of chocolate cake or will it be a case of 'just one more will be alright' The bottom line is that its all down to you. So you tried the pills and they didn't work. Lets blame the pills. You tried the patches and they didn't work either. Lets blame the patches. You signed up at the local gym but you just don't have the time because of work or the kids or whatever. But its not your fault.

Everyone that you see that has lost weight and is looking good has done so by sheer hard work and determination. They were motivated. What's your motivation. Do you have one. Because believe me you need to get motivated. Let me tell you about my work colleague John. (not his real name) John would be about 35 years old. He was unfit and looked twenty years older. Two years ago when he would step onto the bathroom scales the needle would spin right the way round to the maximum weight, 27 stone. Now John knew that realistically he was heavier than the 27 stone recorded on the bathroom scales. But he was frightened to find out his true weight, so he just kept on going through the motion's of simply weighing himself at 27 stone and just hoping that he wouldn't put any more weight on.

At that time John was a single man. Then a woman came into his life. Needless to say things started to change for John. He took the decision to lose weight. No one nagged  at him, no one was taking the micky. It was his decision. Eighteen months later and John now weighs in at just over fifteen stone, and he feels fitter and looks ten years younger. I asked him how did he do it. He cut all of his meals down by half and cut out the bad things, the chocolates, the crisps, the biscuits the things that we know we shouldn't have. When he felt hungary he went looking for an apple or banana, something that is on the 'good food' list. Then he started walking. First it was a 20 minute walk. Then an hour. Then two hours. He would walk through the town, around the town, along the beach, through the woods, and just about everywhere and anywhere. He achieved all this because he was motivated. His motivation was love. What is your motivation ?

Herein lies the secret. Find your motivation and you can achieve what you want.