Diabetic slippers are a type of slipper designed specifically for use by diabetics. Diabetics suffer from a condition known as neuropathy, which renders their feet numb and makes them more likely to trip; diabetic slippers, with their wide base, can help to prevent that. They wrap around the foot with soft, seamless fabric in an effort to prevent chafing, which could potentially lead to diabetic ulcers. These slippers are an important tool in the treatment of diabetes, and the article below will describe exactly why.

The shoes and socks that many people wear are not properly fitted for them. Open ulcers can potentially form on the feet of diabetics who routinely wear shoes that do not fit properly because they do not have the same capacity for healing as non-diabetics do. Even a small wound such as this could lead to serious complications as a result of potential infection.

There is a condition known as peripheral neuropathy, which affects a large percentage of diabetics. As your feet become more and more numb, it becomes difficult to walk because the lack of feedback makes it more difficult to tell where your feet are and what exactly may be under them. Slipping is minimized as much as possible through having a wide bottom and no-skid soles.

The complications of neuropathy play a big role in all of the reasons here. When the numbness of neuropathy takes over, walking with bare feet becomes dangerous because unless you actually watch, you have no idea of what you are walking on. Wearing diabetic slippers is helpful because it can help protect you from walking on things that could cut you.

The complications of diabetes are responsible for more lower limb amputations in the United States every year than any other factor. Prevention is key to preventing these amputations, and wearing diabetic slippers is one part of what needs to be done in order to effectively do just that. You may also find it helpful to wear diabetic socks along with your diabetic slipper. In addition to more overt protection, the socks also work for healthy blood circulation and chafing prevention.

You may find that wearing diabetic slippers provides you with quite a few benefits. If you are diabetic, it is especially important that you take care of your feet. If you don't take care of your feet, even a small cut can lead to very serious complications. Take care of your feet; they're the only pair you have and essential to living a healthier tomorrow.