KNICKERS! Sloggi knickers

I have bought Sloggi underwear, on and off, for quite a few years. When I first bought their knickers, there seemed to only be one or two designs, and each style came in just white or black. As Sloggis have become more popular, they seem to have branched out and now make a wide range of knickers for both women and men.

Men's Sloggi's

The men's range consists of hipsters, posing pouches, long shorts, tangas and many more. The colours are not exceptionally well varied, but they do have white, red, grey, navy and stripes. I cannot comment on the quality of the men's underwear, as Hubby hasn't tried them yet, but I think he will in the future. There is just such a variety to choose from and, if they are anything like the ladies Sloggis, they will last and be comfortable to wear.

Women's Sloggi's

The women's range includes sports bras, bikini bras, thongs, hipsters, briefs, shorts, and many, many more. They too have a wider range of colours these days, but, as usual, it's far more varied than the men's range. The traditional colours of black and white, have been joined by peach, pink, pale blue, fruity patterns and sp many more.

What I love about Sloggis is:

-They are practical
-They actually fit in all the right places.
-They are comfortable.
-They are good value.
-They last and wash well.
-They have a good range of sizes.

I found this little paragraph about Sloggis, for men, on the Internet :

'Another brand born out of women's desire for comfy knickers. Sloggi Men is the little brother of the original Sloggi underwear, launched in 1978. By the time Europe's best selling underwear brand celebrated its 25th birthday, more than 1 BILLION pairs had been sold - and that's just the first statistic. Today more than 500 Sloggis are produced every minute and annual production weighs 3,300 tonnes, using enough fabric to cover 1344 football pitches. Millions of people can't be wrong. Sloggi Men underwear is comfortable, practical, stylish and stands up to wash after wash'

Initially, I was amazed at just how popular Sloggis seem to be these days. Many young colleagues seem to love them, as much as the more mature person, like me. I was also fascinated to discover just how varied the range of their stock is these days.

Gone is the time when all they produced were 'Harvest Festival Knickers', you know the 'All is safely gathered in' type. Mind you, these sort are great for work, sports and the day to day slog, pun intended. The bonus is, that most Sloggis have no VPL, Visible panty line.

If you have never bought a pair of Sloggis why not give them a try. They can be a little bit pricier than some ordinary underwear. On special offer packs of four Sloggi Knickers usually retail for around £9.99 .This offer is often four pairs for the price of three.

However, as theretailer I found stated the recommended retail price is three is £22, I don't quite understand the arithmetic they have used.


I have already mentioned the many advantages of this range of underwear. It just remains for me to give my rating which is, of course, 10/10 for practicality and value.