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Working in Las Vegas as a slot mechanic is a great way to earn a living, as well as learning a popular trade. Slot Mechanics are limited to where they can work, which is basically anywhere there are casinos. Las Vegas definitely qualifies as having casinos, as the huge variety of casinos in Nevada make it a popular state to work in if you are a slot mechanic or want to become a slot mechanic.

With all of the various casinos throughout Nevada that you can work in, the casinos in Las Vegas are among the most popular for casino job seekers who want to work as a slot mechanic in Vegas. To find slot tech jobs in Las Vegas is easy as there are so many casino properties that are hiring slot techs.

Working as a slot mechanic in Las Vegas will give you a lot of employment opportunities. If you work in a small town in Nevada such as jackpot Nevada, then there are only a few casinos. If you quit your job you may not get another one unless you move to Vegas. Working as a slot mechanic in Las Vegas is the opportunity that many people have wanted because you will have many opportunities for promotions and higher wages.

If you are working in Las Vegas as a slot mechanic and do not like the casino you work form you can easily apply for a slot mechanics job with another casino. If you work at a rural casino in Montana, no such opportunities exist. If you want to be one of the best slot mechanics are receive the best training available at a slot mechanics school then you need to move to Las Vegas.

Working on and fixing the slot machines are an integral part of any casino. If the slot machines are not working properly then the customers will go to other gaming properties to gamble. If a slot machine or other gaming machine is malfunctioning then the casino will lose money, especially on busy weekend days when the majority of the gaming machines are packed with people playing.

It is your hob as a slot mechanic to keep the internal parts cleaned and working well. You may have to do some basic soldering. You may also get called to settle any potential disputes that may occur.

No casino will payout a jackpot if a machine is malfunctioning, so you will be called upon periodically to see if the machine is malfunctioning or not. If it is not then you have the casino pay off the jackpot. If it is a gaming machine error then you will have a very upset customer. In many cases these customers will get the Nevada Gaming commission involved, but they will side with the casino because the machine clearly states all bets are void on a malfunctioning machine. As a trained slot mechanic you will be in the heart o fall of this action.

You can end up working almost any shift because Las Vegas runs 24-7 and the casinos never close, not even for the major Holidays. You may work a shift on Christmas until you build up your seniority. A job as a slot mechanic in Las Vegas is like no other, but it can be very rewarding to work as a slot mechanic, not just financially but also mentally rewarding if you like to work with your hands. Image Credit: (Flickr/Andres Rueda)

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