Human beings have an average walking speed of 2.8 miles per hour. Seems slow? When you compare it to the fast animals in the world it definitely is slow, but when you are going to compare this speed to some of the slowest animals in the world, it seems like human beings are flying all the time! Please note that in this list I don't use a couple of animals which would be the actual slowest animals in the world, for instance the 'sea tulip' or other types of coral would be the logical winner in this list, because they don't move at all!

Slowest Animals in the World

1. The Sloth: 0.15 mph

Slow Creatures: Sloth: 0.15 mph

The slowest living mammal on the planet which is still alive. The three-toed sloth can get to a speed of 0.15 mph. Luckily these animals live most of the time in trees and they sleep 15-18 hours a day!

I guess if I didn't have to work every day I would adapt my speed as well..

2. The Snail: 0.03 mph

Slow Animals: The Snail: 0.03 mph

The cliche slow animal, the snail. A slimy insect carrying his house on his back all day. And when you are at home all the time, why would you hurry?

3. Starfish

Slow Animals: The Starfish


Fish are animals as well and the starfish is a good example of a slow animal. Anybody who has ever seen a starfish in real life would confirm this, they are slow. Whenever you pick them up, they don't have anything to do anymore, when you put them down it will take a couple of days to get back in their original position.

4. Giant Tortoise: 0.19 mph

Slow animals: The Giant Tortoise: 0.19 mph

The Giant Tortoise is one of the longest living animals on the planet, but definitely not the fastest. With his 0.19 miles per hour the giant tortoise deserves a place in this list.

5. The Dust Spider: 1.17 mph

Slow animals: the dust spider: 1.17 mph


Although this little creepy creature has 8 legs, the Dust Spider (or Tegenaria Atrica) only reaches a speed of 1.17 mph. The Dust Spider is one of the largest spiders in central/northern Europe, scaring people all the time.

He only has to stay at his web, so there isn't any use in being fast!

6. The Sea Horse: 0.001 mph

Slow Animals: The Sea Horse: 0.001 mph

One of the slowest sea creatures. This one amazed me pretty much, most of all because they look kind of fast. But if you think of it, there isn't much they can do with their tail, so there is something logic about it. The Sea Horse is definitely a slow one with its 0.001 mph!

7. American Woodcock: 5 mph

Slow Animals: The American Woodcock

The American Woodcock seems with its 5 miles per hour a pretty fast animal, but it is actually the slowest bird that exists. I flies faster, but the 5 miles per hour is the slowest flight speed ever recorded for a bird.

After seeing these examples of slow animals, what do you think of your own speed? Would you say you are fast, or are you still slow?