Control Garden Pests Nasty Slugs organically - Here's how to protect your garden plants from slugs, save them for the birds and ducks, make slug rings which will last the lifetime of your garden.

Slug rings keep slugs away from plants

Here in the Northeast, gardeners live for spring and planting. The season is short and goes very fast. Wouldn't it be nice to spend one season without pests in your garden? Some pests are beneficial. Others are not beneficial, the lowly garden slug is one, very hard to control.

The nasty slug, which is most prevalent after a welcomed summer rain, can destroy garden foliage faster than plants can grow. They feed on fruits and vegetables, and most notably in the garden, dahlias. delphinium, and lettuce, planted in the early spring.

There are many control traps gardeners have devised for slugs from beer traps, a little stale beer left in a shell or jar top, crushed eggs shells, or coffee grinds. There's a new organic pest control for slugs you can make with a few snips for your garden, which will last a lifetime. A copper ring to go around the tiny plants will protect them forever before the get chomped by slugs.

Buy a small sheet of copper at your local home hardware supply and cut strips with tin-snips about 7 to 8 inches long and two inches high. Place down in the soil in a ring around the newly sprouted plant. These copper rings will last forever and protect your plants organically from slugs, so that the slugs will be ripe food for the birds and ducks.

Slug rings, keep slugs away from your plants