Slumber Party Ideas for Girls

It is an inevitable fact of life when you have a girl.  Sometime around the second or third grade, your daughter will be invited to a slumber party, and after careful consideration, you permit her to go.  She then comes home begging for her own slumber party for her next birthday.

Slumber parties for girls always seem like a good idea, but from my personal experience as a mother of two daughters, there always drama and not much sleep.  Some of the drama is unintentional, like the child who throws up because she has eaten way too much food.  

Then you have emotional drama because, after all, you have a group of girls all in one place staying up later than usual.  Sometimes it is the birthday girl who is crying because she is being smothered by her guests vying for her attention, and other times it is another girl who is overtired and feels like she is being left out or someone looked at her funny.

Here are some ideas for having a successful slumber party and avoiding unnecessary drama.

Limit the Guest ListSlumber Party Ideas for GirlsCredit:

One of the best slumber party ideas is to limit the guest list.  It is my experienced mother opinion that five to seven girls is more than enough.  The more personalities you have, the higher the risk for conflict-especially when everyone is staying up well past their bedtime.

Make sure that the parents of the girls know that this is a limited guest list, and to ask their daughters not to speak about it at school.  You might also want to write this on the invitation next to the pick up time.

Talk to the Girls

Once all the girls have arrived, it is a good idea to sit them down and set the ground rules.  Some things you want to establish are:

  • Where the girls can and cannot go in your home
  • When bedtime is
  • If you are permitting electronic devices or not

That they all have to get along or you will call their home for them to be picked up.  There is to be no whispering, huddling, and leaving anyone out of the group. Show them your list of phone numbers that you will keep by the phone to demonstrate that you mean business.

Make sure all of their shoes are by the door  (experience has shown that the girls will take them off in different parts of the house and in the morning, they are overtired and cannot remember where they left them!)

Plan the EveningSlumber Party Ideas for Girls-Play GamesCredit:

One of the best tips for having a successful slumber party is to have a plan.  The more structured it is, the less likely you will have drama. Discuss with your daughter what she wants to do, as it is her party.  Does she…

Want a spa slumber party complete with hair and nails?  

Want outdoor games, like a neighborhood scavenger hunt or an outdoor volleyball net?

Want to bake and create fancy cookies or cupcakes?

Want to tie dye or fabric paint hats and shirts?

Want to bead and make jewelry?

The more you are involved, the less drama there is.

At some point in the evening, it will be time for pajamas and winding down.  This is the time for the movie and light snacks.

After the movie it is time for bed.  

Plan the Morning

Hopefully, there will be some slumber at your daughter’s party.  Once the girls have woken up, serve them a special breakfast.  Forget cereal, but go easy on yourself. Buy an assortment of muffins and bagels, or sugar them up with donuts.  Don’t forget to buy yourself an extra large coffee.

About fifteen to twenty minutes before parent pick up time, have the girls gather all of their belongings.  Do a quick search for random socks, hairbrushes and pony tail holders, and any crafts you did.

These slumber party ideas will help you avoid girl drama and permit everyone attending to have a good time.

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