A slush puppie machine can make your very own delicious iced favorite carbonated slushies whenever you want. If you just really enjoy drinking slush puppies, then why not purchase a slush puppie machine for home use? Whether its for home use, or for your business, a slush puppie machine is rather expensive. You might get lucky though and find a used slush puppie machine going under a thousand dollars. Although you can use a slush puppie machine for home use, manufacturers make the machines for commercial use. So the prices are high regardless how you use them. There's no such thing as a cheap home slush machine out on the market. At least not a brand new one. If you don't mind spending some money, and really love slushies, then that doesn't mean you can't purchase a quality slush puppie machine for yourself or for your kids. Down below are some different slush puppie machines out on the market.

Homemade and Commercial Slush Puppie Machines

Cab Slush Puppie Machine - It's a two bowl slush puppie machine that can be used for home use, along with business use. It features two bowl cab slush machines that will contain 2.5 gallons of ice slushy. The thing is if you shop for this slush puppie maker online at Allen Associates, you can purchase the three bowl for a cheaper price than the two bowl. The three bowl costs $2,000 dollars, but the two bowl goes for $2,499 at retail. However, you can purchase the two bowl for a much cheaper price at a little over a thousand dollars online at ebay. The machine operates on 110 VAC, its air cooled, and can serve up to 100 seven ounce cups per hour. Purchase for your home, business, wherever you need slush puppie drinks served.

Bunn Ultra-2 PAF Gourmet Ice SystemBunn Ultra-2 PAF Gourmet Ice System - The Bunn Ultra-2 PAF are definitely expensive slush puppie machines for home use, or business use. However, it is definitely one of the best machines to purchase online. It comes with quite a few perks for providing the very best iced drinks. It also comes with a long warranty of 3 years on parts and labor, and a 5 year warranty on the compressor. The reversing auger provides faster cooling and quicker refills. Another key feature is the powdered autofill hoppers. The refill time is 1.1 fl oz per second. It's a very durable and reliable slush puppie maker that should last you awhile. The refrigeration system will help to keep slushies cold and tasty for a long period of time. It's definitely more designed for business use, just like most slush puppie machines out on the market. If you have the money, and want the very best slush puppie maker for your home, then who says you can't purchase it? As long as you don't mind spending $3,000 dollars anyways. You can purchase online at amazon, kaTom restaurant supply, and foodservicedirect.com.

Used Slush Puppie Machines

Ugolini Magnetic 2 Flavored Used Slush Machine - You can purchase used Ugolini mangnetic 2 flavored machines online at Allen Associate. One of the benefits of buying used slush puppie machines on their site is that you at least get a 30 day replacement warranty if the machine doesn't work. They're also a certified slush puppie distributor site, so their products are required to meet a certain standard before selling online. Buying anything used is a bit of a risk if you ask me. Ugolini are decent slushy machines to purchase though, especially since its guaranteed with the 30 day money back warranty. Two gallons on each side of the machine is featured. The latest model you can purchase used is the 2004. The 1999 used models will cost you slightly under a thousand dollars.

Used Slush Puppy Machines Under a $1,000 Dollars

Elmico Single Flavored Reconditioned Slush Machine - This is definitely more of a slush puppy machine for home use, and its one of the only cheap slush puppy machines going under a $1,000 dollars online. It is used and comes with no water lines or drain lines. It's not exactly a high tech machine, but it will serve a single gallon of your favorite slushy. You can purchase at Allen Associates, where products are tested before shipping out. Retail price is $695.