What is slut shaming? Not a lot of people are familiar with the term even though they are familiar with the actions associated with the term. In fact, a lot of people have slut shamed someone themselves.

Slut shaming is basically discriminating and isolating a woman because of her sexual habits. A lot of times it doesn't even have to be her sexual habits; usually it’s something as pointless and meaningless as how a woman dresses or how she how she does her makeup. I’ve even heard of women being treated differently because they take birth control. It almost seems like a way to take down women who are comfortable enough with their body to dress in such a fashion that shows it off.

According to Urban Dictionary, a slut is a woman with the morals of a man. Just that statement alone highlights several widely accepted beliefs that should have been put to rest long before the twenty-first century.

Why is it that a man should be allowed to sleep with as many women as he like but a woman can’t do the same thing with men? Why is it that the woman has to be the conservative one? Why should women be told to cover up their bodies so that men aren’t tempted by them? Why is it acceptable for a man to go shirtless in public but a woman can’t wear a midriff showing top without being singled out?

This problem is way more serious than people like to make it out to be. It goes way farther and way deeper than women being catty toward one another. Discriminating against women for how they dress can lead towards some major problems.

Slut shaming decreases the worth of a human being in the eye of the person shaming. It causes their opinions to become of lesser value. Slut shaming makes a woman out to be an item of sexual desire instead of as a member of society.

This sort of thinking is similar to the thinking of rapist. I am by no means trying to say that if you have ever called someone a slut you are a rapist; I’m simply just trying to put this into perspective for you.

Many rapist have a similar reason to defend their actions. That the woman was tempting them with what she wore and that they could tell by the way she dressed that she wanted it. That she was just playing hard to get by telling them no. This kind of thinking is incredibly disturbing for me and hopefully it is for you also.

Now compare it to that of someone who slut shames.

Both characterized a woman as someone who is always ready for sex by their outwards appearance. Both see the woman as less of a human being because of the way they dress. And both of them downgrade the woman's opinions on the situation.

As I was saying before, just because you have called someone a slut before does not mean that you’re a rapist. It does, however, encourage a victim blaming system in rape cases. This sort of thinking makes it to where the victim is at fault in the situation instead of the actual offender.

I encourage woman everywhere to come together and fight this sort of thinking. Instead of encouraging the form of sexism that this brings, fight it.