Most iPhone casings look pretty boring; it is either they are made of plastic or silicone. Thanks to SmallWorks – iPhone 4 users can now dress and at the same time protect their mobile phone in a very unique way. SmallWorks BrickCase is an iPhone casing that is lego-compatible. It is extraordinary that it creates a brand new meaning to the phrase, "paving your phone with bricks". Unbelievable as it seems, the SmallWorks BrickCase 4 effectively makes your mobile phone a huge, Lego-compatible device. Apart from giving you the option to customize your casing with the use of any Lego bricks that you have at home, this cool iPhone case lets you use your imagination as well.

This amazing product from SmallWorks is a durable, clear hard casing that is very ideal for iPhone 4. While there are many cases out there that are proved to be sturdy, this one gives you an additional functionality because the back of your precious mobile phone can be a Lego foundation. Simply look for Lego bricks, do your masterpiece and voila! You are all set to show it to anyone.

Moreover, your Lego bricks can be utilized easily to make an iPhone 4 stand so as to go well with different angles when looking at pictures, watching videos, and a lot more. Sure enough, time and creativity is necessary to get the most out of your SmallWorks BrickCase, but those two are things that you surely have, so it is not going to be a problem for you at all.

Talk about a tailored iPhone 4 casing, isn't it? Imagine all the things that you can make with SmallWorks BrickCase during your free time. The only downside here is that it can be really bulky and will likely consume lots of spaces inside your bag or pocket due to the Lego bricks being used.

SmallWorks BrickCase is a unique and very attractive casing especially designed for iPhone 4. With the utilization of several Lego bricks, you will be able to put various pieces together onto the casing and build cute designs you might have never thought creating before. For the price of $19.99, what more can you ask for?

SmallWorks BrickCase comes in two colors: clear/white and black and is made from ABS-molded plastic, thus it guarantees to provide you with a lot of protection against scratches. It has openings at the top, underneath, and sides so you can access your mobile phone's controls and ports. A nice touch is a platform with 2 studs among the earphone port and wake/sleep key – precisely the correct dimension to stand on. It may inspire an entire pack of Lego platforms and docks along with another benefit of having the ability to protect your precious mobile phone to your invention in the right manner.

It can make your antenna signal better, and its 1x2 cutout of brick gives you an open access to flash and camera. The case itself will certainly not block them including the dock connector, mute, and volume buttons. Now who says you can't protect and customize your iPhone 4 at once?