There are many companies that sell small acoustic guitar amps for a wide variety of prices; the most difficult part is choosing the one that will fit your needs as a musician. You should be looking for specific features and options when choosing an amplifier for your acoustic/electric guitar. Some of the features that you should keep your eyes open for are:

-the amount of watts that the amp boasts

-any equalizer controls that can be used to produce a better sound

-a handle to allow for easy transportation

-being produced by one of the many “best guitar amplifier companies” on the market (Fender, Dean, Behringer)

With those features in mind, you can easily find the best small guitar amp to suit your musical needs! You should also consider the price when shopping for an amplifier. You can find one that has all of the features/options that you want, but it may cost well over $300! In addition, you should be looking for the amplifier that works best with your playing style; a person that enjoys playing their guitar to heavy metal songs should be looking for a different amp than someone that enjoys playing to the most recent pop songs!

The Dean DA20 Is One Of The Cheapest Small Amps On The Market-Under $70!

Although this looks like a vintage guitar amplifier, it will produce some of the most modern sounds that you will hear from your instrument! Weighing in at a liDean DA20 Small Acoustic Guitar AmplifierCredit: Amazon.comttle bit more than 20 pounds, it is not the lightest guitar amplifier on the market; however, it produces a whopping 20 watts of power! Most amplifiers are only rated at 10 watts, which is enough power to fill up a small room with sound; however, 20 watts will allow you to play your guitar in an outside environment, and be heard by all of the people within a 30 foot radius!

This Dean acoustic amplifier contains a 3-band equalizer. These 3 equalizer knobs allow you to control how much bass, mid, and treble that you hear from the amplifier! Connecting an acoustic/electric guitar to an amplifier is about hearing the natural sound that the instrument produces, so equalizer control knobs are not very important; however, they will allow you to fine tune the amplifier’s sound to your liking! Overall, Dean’s DA20 is not the best amplifier for an acoustic/electric guitar; however, being sold at about $65 on Amazon makes it one of the cheapest amps on the market!

The Fender Mustang I Amplifier Produces Rock-Like Sounds For Electric Guitars

Fender’s Mustang I is the first amplifier in their popular Mustang series, and is one of their best models. Taking a look at the wattage and weight, the amp is roughly the same as all of the others; 20 watts and 20 pounds is pretty much the standard when it comes to gFender Mustang I Electric Guitar AmplifierCredit: Amazon.comuitar amps in the music industry. However, the main upside to buying this specific acoustic/electric guitar amp is the set of controls that it comes with! You can control the gain, volume, treble, bass, master volume, preset, modulation, delay/reverb, and tempo on this amplifier.

The Fender Mustang I is the perfect amplifier for musicians that like to tune the sound perfectly before beginning to play their guitar. However, there are other small acoustic guitar amps that would work better for the individuals that simply like to plug their guitar in, and begin to strum!

Looking For A Retro-Looking Amplifier? Try The HoneyTone Mini Amp

At the end of the day, the features and wattage of a guitar amplifier only play a small roDanelectro Honey Tone Mini Amplifier In BurgundyCredit: Amazon.comle in the overall decision to purchase one from a music store. Some of the other factors include amplifiers being made for a specific genre of music, and their overall look! The HoneyTone Mini Amp is not specifically made for guitarists that like playing to heavy metal or pop, it will produce a great sound, regardless of the genre of music that you enjoy playing to!

I believe that it is this small amp’s look that allows it to be one of the best selling guitar accessories on Amazon! This retro-looking guitar amplifier will attract a lot of attention, so it is the best amplifier for playing the guitar on the corner of a street!

When it comes to choosing the best small amplifier to carry around, you should be paying attention to a few factors. Keep your eyes peeled to the amplifier’s wattage, equalizer controls, power supply, and recommended playing style. Above all, you should really keep the amplifier’s weight in mind. I am not telling you to buy the lightest guitar amp that you find; however, you should keep in mind the fact that you may want to carry the amp around with you! These are only a few of the small acoustic guitar amps that you can buy; I would definitely keep them in mind, as they will give you the best bang for your buck!