Small banks are offering small bank business credit card with a 0% preliminary interest rate that helps to better manage your money and make savings as well as capitalize on other rewards and benefits.  This is mainly because there are many people who are now moving from big banks to small banks and are sending a strong message of discontentment to the present big banks.


More people are finding small bank business credit card offers more appealing and suitable for the growth of their businesses. For a long time many clients in need of bank related services have overlooked small sized banks. The trend is now changing as community and regional banks begin to appeal more to customers. Consumers of banking services are now seeking better conditions and terms, banking products that are better and more personalized customer service.

Where to find better banking services in small banks

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Are you considering moving to a small sized bank to meet your personal or business needs in banking, particularly credit card? If your answer is yes, then you may want to consider checking the following banks in your search. Each one of them offers Small bank business credit card that comes with a preliminary interest rate of 0% on purchases helping you manage your money better and save big time among other rewards and benefits.  Several years ago, it was a challenge to get business credit cards but not anymore. Today’s economy, banks have become more flexible and are developing innovative and customized products to meet the need of their customers. When searching for a small bank business credit card, you will want to evaluate its programs, its balance transfer fees and introductory offer and interest rates before deciding which small bank to approach.

The Fifth Third Bank Headquartered in Ohio

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Founded in 1858, The Fifth Third Bank has its headquarters in Cincinnati, in the State of Ohio. The bank serves 12 states that extend from Michigan all the way to Florida. The bank focuses on providing its customers with quality services backed by banking practices that are sound. The Fifth Third Bank has a number of MasterCard on offer plus a Visa Signature.  Both small bank business credit cards have a preliminary APR of zero percent for a 12 month period on purchases. Depending on what card you choose, you would be in a position to enjoy low interest rates or earn points on each purchase you make. All credit cards issued by this bank are free of annual fees when used at least one time per year. In addition, each of these cards has other additional perks and benefits for cardholders.

Fidelity Bank:  A Community Bank in Metro Atlanta

Fidelity BankCredit:

Founded in 1974, Fidelity Bank is on the biggest community banks in Atlanta’s metro area. Fidelity Bank offers a wide range of corporate and personal financial services, insurance and lending products. The bank’s aim is to be the leading community bank offering the finest services to its customers in town. Fidelity bank gives 0% interest rate to its small bank business credit cards credit customers. The bank’s Platinum Visa card issued to its new customers has preliminary 0% interest rate has a 12 month APR on both transfer of balances and purchases.   Platinum Visa card does not have annual fees attached to it; it has a low APR that is regular. The card is available to customers with untarnished credit history only.

Omaha’s First National Bank

This bank began serving Omaha residents and the neighbouring communities way back in 1857. First National Bank has strengthened its reputation by offering better quality services to its customers and developing innovative products for its customers. Presently, First National Bank is the biggest bank in the US whose ownership is private with customers in seven states surpassing the 6.6 million mark.

As far as small bank business credit cards are concerned, the bank offers two 0% credit cards, the Platinum Visa edition and the Platinum MasterCard edition. The bank’s Platinum Visa gives a preliminary 0% interest rate and a six month APR period on all purchases. Upon expiry of the preliminary period, holders of this card get an APR rate for consumers along with their profile on credit. In addition, the card comes with other benefits including warranty coverage that is extended, insurance, protection of purchases, travel assistance and select car discounts at rental agencies.

The Platinum MasterCard gives a 0% preliminary interest rate and a six month APR on all purchases. Once the preliminary period is over, holders of this card get an APR rate for consumers as well as their profile for credit. The Platinum MasterCard also offers other benefits that include warranty coverage that is extended, insurance, protection of purchases, travel assistance and select car discounts at rental agencies.

The Texas-based Frost Bank

Frost BankCredit:

Operating only in Texas State, Frost Bank is the biggest bank in Texas. The bank was founded in 1868 and has successfully remained true to its values and principles to provide the people of Texas the financial products and strength they need. Through its network of over 100 centres, the bank provides brokerage services, banking services, offers investment banking and insurance products to its customers. In terms of small bank business credit cards, the bank offers Visa credit cards on a 0% interest rate APR on all purchases and a transfer of balance at no annual fees. This card offers no additional rewards but features low interest rates that are ideal for borrowers who have above average to excellent credit history.


When you are looking for small bank business credit cards, check what your local bank is offering to see how it can meet your financial needs and help you make savings. It is clear that your regional or community bank may be offering competitive credit cards and you may want not to count them out next time you are seeking good introductory offers. They are willing to help you save money and provide you with products that do not match offers from big banks.