Small bathroom storage solutions can plague even the most lavish residence. Space is always at a premium and finding ideas to fit what you need in the room can be a challenge to say the least.

Square footage is the issue and making the area work can sometimes take a little ingenuity and some basic minimalist adjustments.

When adjusting the room size is not an option and a bathroom needs what a bathroom needs, we have to find clever ways to make things fit.


Where To Start in Your Small Bathroom

Start by considering your empty wall space and contemplate shelving in these spaces. Usually slender shelves will accommodate most bathroom items.

Wall to floor shelves will add space for all those small items. Use an attractive bowl or canisters to hold your personal items.

Mirrors are a great way to make a small space look larger. Consider mirroring a wall or possibly installing glass doors on your shower stall. These practices are often used in design to give a larger appearance to a room.

When looking at counter space, many builders will elongate the sink counter to extend it over the back of the toilet. Also shelf units are available that will sit over a normal size toilet and come with adjustable shelving to fit your specific needs.

Rolling your towels can add a nice design element on a shelf and take up half the space stored in this manner. Baskets can provide a vessel to store them in and also complement the design of the room.

A pedestal sink unit can be the answer if your room is too small for a conventional vanity. Models as narrow as 17" can be found for this purpose. Also 10 inch rough toilets are available to add leg room. They sit closer to the back wall and add room in front.

Using a bench seat with draws underneath can sometimes solve two problems, storage as well as a place to sit while dressing.

A shelf where no wall to hang one exists can be accomplished if you use eye hooks in the ceiling and hang the unit. This type of storage can go from floor to ceiling and have as many shelves as needed.

Light colors are the norm when trying to expand the look of a room. Consider using white and accenting the room with your accessories. This not only matches any color theme you like but also allows the rooms general look and feel to be changed quite easily.

Free standing closets are available in every size you can imagine.These are great because as the name suggests, they simply free stand and can be located anywhere you need space.This type of unit is also available with adjustable shelves and can be customised to what you specifically need to put in them.

Consider removing closet doors to make the room look larger. Also pocket doors that slide right into the wall can be installed. This takes away the need for the door to swing into the room and can often add much needed shelf space.

All in all having a small area for a bathroom doesn't mean you have to cram everything in. Using some clever tricks and getting the right fixtures and furnishings, can make your small bathroom storage solutions, a concern of the past.