Perhaps you're like many college students these days, and you're searching for a better means of employment. It is likely that you've tried the typical “work for McDonald's or Burger King” route, and it just isn't cutting it for you anymore. Or, perhaps you're one of those students who desires a challenge, or even a good addition to your résumé for Grad school. In either case, here are some great small business ideas for college students that could benefit you on the road to entrepreneurship.

Bag Of MoneyCredit: http://www.clker.comOpening Up Your Own Business

It's quite possible that you've crossed yourself off as the type of person who could never be creative enough to become a successful entrepreneur. Well, think again! There are a great number of benefits to starting your own small business that it has become a very viable option for many around the world. All it truly takes is a willing attitude and an open mind for learning more about the industry.

As a college student, it's very beneficial for you to start your own small business now, merely because you can! You have energy as well as extra time to devote to such a task as opening up your own business. Starting a small business of your own can also allow you to bring in a substantial amount of revenue once the business gets rolling. Other advantages include: working your own hours, having a flexible schedule, and even becoming your own boss! You'll also learn a lot about yourself that you may have never known before. You will begin to notice your strengths, your weaknesses, and even your passions. Opening up your own business can truly be an amazing life and business experience, and you will undoubtedly take away important skills and traits from doing so.

For those college students who want a high return and a low barrier to entry investment, starting a small business of your own could be your best answer. While your business may not necessarily be the next big Facebook or Windows, you will still derive many incredible benefits by becoming an entrepreneur. But maybe you are the next Mark Zuckerberg, who created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room back in 2004. He has gone on to become the youngest billionaire in the world.[1] If you're still in fact reading this article, I'd like to tell you some of these small business ideas for college students that you might be able to use.

Tutoring Service
Create your own tutoring service! This could be for any type of tutoring, from the subject of history to aiding someone in their attempts at the SAT or ACT. All you really need to do is put aside some money for advertising in your local paper. From there, it really is a very small investment for a high rate of return. There are tutoring companies out there that charge rates of over $200 an hour![3]

Online Blogging And Writing
There are many college students out there who don't truly comprehend the profitability of being a decent writer. This is, in fact, one of the best small business ideas for college students. Start up an online blog writing about a topic that interests you or something that you are knowledgeable on. Keep writing on it and use Advertisement services or Affiliate products to create a revenue from these sites. Not only can you blog, but you can also provide your writing services as a freelance writer. There are countless amounts of websites out there where people are in high demand of qualified writers. Revenue sharing sites, such as Infobarrel, can also be a high potential for income among college students. If you are motivated and able to invest a bit of your time into this type of business, the results can mean economic success for many.


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Start A Cleaning Business
It's time to take out that feather duster your mom packed you for college and put it to good use. I'm sure you've heard of a great number of businesses that involve cleaning houses for other people. While many may turn their nose up at such a company, it really has the potential to bring in a decent amount of revenue for you. Opening up your own business as a cleaning service is also relatively simple too.

Start A Babysitting ServiceBaby Boy SittingCredit:
This is perhaps one of the most well-known types of small business ideas for college students. Babysitting and child-care services can rake in the money for you and offer you a very flexible schedule. You will need to get a certificate in first-aid and become CPR certified in order to gain real credibility. Use your past experiences with children and the above mentioned certificates to find babysitting jobs on trusted sites such as or There are plenty of children out there who need to be watched; babysitters are always in high demand.

Selling Products or Items Online
Do you have a secret talent for making jewelry? Or maybe you're an arts and craft guru. Either way, use these talents of yours to create a steady income online. You have many choices, such as the websites Ebay or Amazon, to advertise and sell your products online. Both are free to sign up for and allow users great flexibility in maintaining a business of their own. Not only can you sell products that you make yourself, but you can also sell used items or items that are just lying around the dorm, never being used. Some college students have made a great deal of money by doing this type of online business.

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Create A Photography Business
Are you able to capture beautiful landscape images that could be marketed to customers who might enjoy them? Or perhaps you take wonderful portraits of people. This is a highly sought after skill that you can use in creating your own business. Advertise locally in your town newspaper or think about selling your photographs to online websites like iStockPhoto, ShutterStock, or even Dreamstime.

This list of small business ideas for college students can truly be implemented by anybody as long as you are willing to put forth the effort. We live in a world that is full of uncertainty when it comes to our economy and jobs. This lack of dependability has driven a great number of people towards self-employment. Among these thousands of people, college graduates make up a great number of those starting businesses of their own.[2]

Opening up your own business will guarantee you employment, even if it is only temporary. Use this list of small business ideas for college students to guide you along the way. Become a college entrepreneur; there really isn't a reason not to!

As Nelson Mandela once said, “It always seems impossible until it's done.”