You have been trying to think of a small business to start. Something you can do on the side. You don't want to have to do too much service type work, because you are still working at your present job. You just want to do something that you can work on, in your own time in those off hours, maybe even in front of the TV at night. But what do you do?

addi Express King Size Knitting Machine Kit includes 46 needles
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this is the perfect machine for knitting sweaters.

Using Knitting Machines


Before you hit the back button, with visions of a rocking chair and balls of wool, keep reading. Hand knitted items have always been a good seller at craft shows. The problem has always been the time involved to create a hand knitted item. Even if you are a fast knitter, a cable knit sweater is going to take hours to do. If you add up a decent hourly rate, then you would have to price the sweater very high to make money.

Designers have come up with some great designs for you to knit now. Your closet can be full of stylish knit sweaters, skirts, scarves and more. The wool and yarn are gorgeous. You don't have to knit a tea pot cozy to sell! You can actually create stylish fashions with knitting now. There are many trendy knitting pattern designs available in stores or to download.

You have seen hand knitted items at craft shows. They are beautiful, especially the hand knitted sweaters, and some will ask upwards of 100 dollars. But if you were allowing yourself even 10 dollars an hour, you would have had to create that sweater in 10 hours, and that is not including the materials. My grandma was a fast knitter, but not that fast!

In this case, this would be considered a hobby, and not a money making business. At this rate you would only be selling those sweaters to get some money back to make the next one, because you simply enjoy doing it, and not to make money.

But when looking for a business idea to start, it has to move away from the hobby phase. Numbers have to be taken into account for a viable money making business. Many crafters will look at sales they make less the expenses for supplies, and not really count an hourly rate for themselves.

But there is another way to knit. You can still create quality knitted products, that you will still have to put together, but by using a knitting machine, you will speed through the creating of your product.

Knitting machines, have been around a very long time. There are those big old "brother knitting machines" that were on the market, but are not being made anymore. But these can be a very expensive investment. But there are a few other makes out on the market now. Some are electric and others are hand cranked. There are even ones for kids to use, that actually do well for adult projects too! Such as the sew easy knitting machine.

Addi Express Knitting Machine. This is another great manual knitting machine that is created by the makers of Addi knitting products. They also make needles and all kinds of knitting supplies. You can check their website for this latest one.


NKOK Singer Knitting Machine
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Singer Knitting Machine - They make one for kids that works well too for making socks and scarves and knitted flat pieces.

But it all depends on the type of knitted products you would like to make. There is one (pictured) that is a knitting machine especially for sweaters. If sweaters are what you like to make then you should consider something like that.


So, do some research and you will find the right knitting machine for your business start up. Knitted products still do well at craft shows, but you don't have to sell in person. If you don't want to really be seen on the craft show circuit, whether because of time restrictions, or because of your present job, or maybe you just don't like dealing with live people, then consider selling your knitted products on This is a great site for all things handmade.

Check out the latest in knitting machines. They usually take some setting up time, so get familiar with it when you get it home, and do a few practice pieces first until you get the hang of it. Remember it will be different than having the knitting needles in your own hand, but will still turn out good quality products, with even tension all around.

So, if you have wanted to create much larger projects, such as knitted long sweaters and jackets, then using a knitting machine is a good way to go.

So, when researching a small business to start, consider a craft business, but specialize in something, such as knitting. Even if you are not that strong a knitter, but do know the basics, you will be able to figure out these knitting machines.

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