A Little-Known Twitter Technique for Free Marketing

Text message marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and inform them about sales and promotions. However, sending hundreds of text messages every week can end up costing a small fortune. What many small business owners don't know that it's not only possible but easy to send as many unlimited free text messages using Twitter.

Text messages on can cost upwards of 14 cents each and even when using cheap text message services the costs can add up quickly. Why this Twitter technique isn't more widely known is a bit of a mystery, perhaps a small group are trying to keep it as their secret? Let's take a look at how easy it is to text to your customers using Twitter so that you can start promoting for free.

Create a New Twitter Account for Your Business

Even if you already have a Twitter account for your business you will need to create a new one. Name it after your business but add something like "offers", "deals", "coupons" or similar. This name is what will display in the 'from' field on your customers phones. Try and make the name memorable (for you and for your customers).

Example: "JustCuts Hairdressers" could be "JustCutsDeals".

Advertise Your Business's Special Offer Service to Your Customers

Advertise the following (or similar) on everything you can:

Text "follow JustCutsDeals" to 40404 for special offers, discounts and deals.

Signs in your store, your business card, your website and other promotional flyers are all great places.

Each time a customer sends that text message they will subscribe to your Twitter account's feed. They will receive all future Tweets and the very last Tweet.

What's brilliant about this method is that your customers don't even need to have a Twitter account, the subscription is tied directly to their phone.

Tweet From This Account One to Two Times a Week

Remember, you don't want to bother your customers with constant text messages so only Tweet from this account occasionally. Keep your normal Twittering confined to a separate account.

Try it for Yourself!

Set up an account, subscribe using your own phone and Tweet. You were probably expecting this to be more difficult but it really is this simple. Paying for text messages is a concept from a dying age. 


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