Guerilla marketing is a promotional strategy primarily used by small business that has low costs and uses unique and unconventional techniques to grab customer awareness. It may be something as simple as having a group of people dressed as mimes and directing customers to the location from a street corner, or as complex as inviting pedestrians to participate in a scavenger hunt for products that your business sells. No matter what product or service your small business offers, guerilla marketing should be a must for a number of reasons.


Lower Costs Mean Higher Profits

               The most obvious reason to want to use guerilla marketing is to lower overall marketing costs. This is crucial for small businesses trying to scrape by because it gives them breathing room without having to completely cut marketing efforts. Even if your business isn’t suffering, less money going to marketing efforts means more money in your pockets.


               With big box stores expanding across the country, small business owners always need to find new ways to differentiate their product, service, and customer experience. By using guerilla marketing, you look to not only connect with those who are a part of the experience you’ve provided, but those people also create buzz for your brand when they share the experience on social media or face to face with friends. This gives your brand and your small business the personality that makes customers want to shop with you.

A New Platform

                Many other marketing options such as TV ads, radio commercials and newspaper classified may not be appropriate for your business for a number of reasons. Whether it’s because your customer base isn’t involved with these platforms or that they don’t give customers a proper opportunity to experience what your business is about, the limitations that they present are often overcome by guerilla marketing.

Its just plain fun!

                Guerilla marketing will give you an opportunity to be creative in ways you may never have imagined with your business. You can get wacky and embrace your inner child doing wacky stunts to get people to notice you without having to avoid the subject later. In fact, you hope it gets brought up later, because that means it worked!


                A great example of guerilla marketing was used by a nonprofit organization called Global Angels. They used guerilla marketing to create an emotional realization about their cause that may not have translated in more traditional forms of advertising. This effort can be seen in the video below.