Tips to make ends meet

I am on a budget, I struggle to make a living and support my family but simple things can add up and make a little go a long way.

I hand wash our clothes, hang dry, hand sew clothes or socks that need mending, create sauces with the lowest priced tomatoes soup and not pay for higher priced sauces. I reuse the coffee container after washed to store my sugar, flour, pasta, even tea bags or tea leaves, clear ones are also good for craft supplies. We don't go out to buy small totes when the packaging of the product we buy to use is just as good. I use the coffee grounds twice run it through then I add water again after the first pot is finished, not as strong but does the trick as it helps make the grounds last a little longer before we need to buy more. Tea bags get 2 cups per bag, I leave it longer, get a stronger tea add 2 cups water and some honey for iced tea, instead of a pitcher we reuse 2 l pop bottles. The key is to reuse as much as possible. Use a vinger and water mix to clean rather than buy cleaners.

Lot's of online sites have great tips on how to make your own cleaner's, baking soda, vinger, I like Homesteading News, it has so many amazing tips, how to make just about anything yourself, that helps. As more of us find our money not meeting raising prices. Crafty tips are always helpful, like out t-shirts to rags, or cut in strips and put together to make a rug. Tips on different sites like can help you create for less. Don't throw out t-shirts that still have some good fabric make a quilt or pillow case.

Liberry books, or booking computer times at community computer labs that can print for free can help print out tips you want to try. Check out the DIY section, cheeses, solar oven's, sewing it's all there and if yours doesn't have what you are looking for you can ask and they can order it.

Talk with family , friends, a parent group, community group, some one will always share tips like couponing, sewing, knitting, meal planning. Some have a coupon exchange so if you need a discount on baby items you take in coupons you can't use like dog food and take ones you need.

Online you can find sites like or that can mail you coupons or you can print them off.

Share meat order's with neighbours, friends, family, if you want something but the package is bigger you make arrangements that you get the pork chops you wanted but sell them or collect the money for the ground beef, or you alone need half the order and you have other's chip in the price for the other half.

Know someone with a member ship to a store selling in bulk, go shopping together, buy in cases, divide it later keep track of the price and the cost spilt.

Don't have the money to eat out, find a community dinner, or neighbour hood bbq, many areas have free meal programs it's good to get out meet people, some thing you can do as a family, and no one cooks or does dishes, just enjoy's.

Trade of child care, you look after your friends child for a night and next time it's them watching yours for your date night, or find events that have child minding included.

Have a car, car pool, trade-off driving days with others in the pool, have a talk about if your car is always used because it fits more, talk about sharing gas money or trade who drives.

A bus pass may be more but if you use the bus every day it's cheaper than tickets or fares everyday, the pass itself could save you $30.00 or more, look into the prices in your area and do the math.

I hope you are finding some of these tips helpful, feel free to share tips of your own. Share more next time on crafting for less. Have a good day.