Desktop Fans

Desktop fans are great for work and study. These fans are small enough to fit over your office desk or table while you are working. If you are a student, this is a great partner in your study time. Either way, desktop fans help in relieving the absence of comfort brought about by hot and humid weather.

A hot, humid air and your health

The effects of hot weather inside a room on you, while not exactly life-threatening, can affect your day-to-day activities and even your short-term health. Proper circulation of air enables easy breathing by blowing unhealthy humid air away and replacing these with cooler, cleaner air. Respiratory problems, such as asthma, become more prevalent in hot and humid environments as these may help increase the presence of disease-causing bacteria; pathogenic bacteria and viruses thrive under moist conditions. Also, too much hot and humid air increases perspiration rates; by increasing the perspiration rate, water loss in the body is greater. The tolerance for our bodies for moisture is about 45%, not too dry or too humid. Any number higher than the standard 45% will cause our body to sweat more profusely.

In urban locations and other areas where smoke, soot and other non-oxygen emissions are prevalent, such as those near factories or congested roads, the carbon dioxide gas may be trapped inside buildings if not properly ventilated. If you live or work, incidentally, near these places, an accumulation of poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide can cause effects detrimental to your health and overall safety. These conditions may bring about headaches, nausea, dizziness, and shortness of breath, all of which can affect your productivity and decrease your energy levels as you concentrate on adjusting to the unhealthy environment rather than on your work.

Why buy desktop fans?

Desktop fans seek to alleviate you from these problems by facilitating proper ventilation of your immediate surroundings – as these fans are not highly powered enough for air to circulate throughout a room. If your surroundings are 'sticky' – that is too much moisture in the air – chances are your comfort level with the environment will decrease. Though small in size, desktop fans can greatly enhance the health conditions of any workplace and also take small amounts of electricity to use.

Choosing your own fan

Your choice of desktop fans should reflect on your needs or your personal lifestyle choices. There are different styles and variations of fans available. Some are miniature versions of air conditioning units that contain ionizers and other specifications. Others are small versions of regular electric fans, complete with the rotating blades and the grill that covers these. Others take the word 'desktop' to a new level and are provided with clips to attach themselves to the sides of the desks.

A recommended variation of desktop fans is one that has an ionizer device installed. Ionizers are present in fans, air purifiers, and even in computer exhaust fans. Usually, airborne particles attach to positively charged air molecules. Ionizers purify the air by emitting negatively charged molecules so that these molecules – not pathogenic particles such as bacteria and viruses – attach to the positively charged ones. The demand for fans – desktop fans included – with ionizers had increased as a result of the outbreaks of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, commonly known as SARS; the virus of SARS is spread airborne.

You can try and go portable, and purchase yourself a foldable fan. These fans are powerful enough for cooling and are convenient enough to be placed in a regular bag. Foldable desktop fans are available in any sizes and styles. These fans are great if you travel a lot. Another variety of desktop fans are those that help in decorating your workplace. Some popular designs of these fans are flowers and televisions. Otherwise, you can go classic through buying a small, grilled fan or a tower fan. Make sure the fan has a multispeed option so that its speed variety can be used at any condition, though one-speed fans can also do great.

Good deals of desktop fans

Desktop fans usually cost as low as $20 for a 12' tower fan in, without shipping. You can find the best deals in the internet as desktop fan retailers and resellers do not have overhead costs. Department stores and appliance shops sell these fans; a tower fan can cost for at least $19.54 at Walmart.


People are looking for more ways to enjoy and be comfortable during their times in workplaces. The presence of desktop fans has made working a less taxing activity, and thus reducing stress and productivity. Through these fans, you can only hope for better time at work, whether doing some paperwork or sipping a cup of coffee.