Christmas will not be too long now, and you have started to compile your list, and many of your loved ones or friends are on your "small Christmas gifts to mail" list.

With the price of postage going up all the time, what small Christmas gift can you mail this year that will not cost you an arm and a leg? No one likes to spend more money on the postage than the actual gift, and this can easily happen if the gift also is heavy.

DVD is always a Welcomed Gift and Light for Mailing

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I have seen many people standing in line at the post office look totally stunned when they get their postage bill for Christmas packages.

Here are a few ideas that you can get started with now for small Christmas gifts to mail.


 These are easy to package and mail, and if you know your friend or loved one well, then you will know just what movies they may have or not have. If they are an "old movie buff" then you can search online for the perfect old movies on DVDs. Or you can search sites such as Amazon and HMV for titles.

Some places will let you send the gift right to your friend or relatives home, therefore saving you on any shipping at all.

Starbucks - Send thru mail or Online

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  Starbucks Gift Cards

 These are really handy to mail. As there are Starbucks pretty well everywhere now. My son was staying in England and there was one across the road! These can also be used for any of their products they sell. Everything from the their specialty coffee right up to their own coffee makers. You can go to the online and you can actually order a gift card, or you can go to your local Starbucks and purchase one right there.

When mailing any kind of gift card, it wouldn't hurt to add some insurance to the postage. Since the gift card would only be costing you the price of local postage (depending on your destination) if it gets into the wrong hands, these gift cards are as good as cash.

Handmade items

 If you knit, or sew, or do any kind of handiwork or crafts, and you would like to send a small Christmas gift through the mail, then keep this in mind when choosing the projects. Many post offices decide the rate depending on the size of the package and the weight. So, don't put it into too big a box for example, as the outside dimensions of this box can put you into a higher price range.

Create crafts that are soft and can be flattened into a small padded envelope for example, rather than a box, it is much cheaper. Get onto your local post office website, most of them have them now. If you are in Canada, that would be and there is a wealth of information, that can save you a lot of money when it comes time to send small Christmas gifts through the mail, which means you can put more into your gift, or into your pocket.

Ebooks or Gift Certificate to Amazon to Download a Kindle

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  Ebooks or Gift Certificate for Kindle on Amazon.

 This is a great idea. If you have a friend or loved one, who really likes to cook or create crafts, or needs some tips on his golf game, then you can go to and purchase a great ebook on just about any subject. (just put your keyword into a search box) and up will come a list of ebooks) You can then check them out, and when you find one you think they will like, you can purchase it with Paypal or your credit card and download this to your computer.

Then put this ebook onto a CD for your friend or loved one. You send them the CD, which will not cost much even in its case (for protection) and they can either read the CD on their computer or get the ebook printed. Rather than you printing it and then having to pay big postage for this gift.

Scan Photos with an Epson Scanner

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Put your scanned photos onto a DVD to send.

CD or DVD of family pictures or movies

 If you have a good camera, you could take movies of the people and places your friend or relative would love, and then transfer this to a DVD and/or you could include lots of pictures that you can scan in from old albums. Family pictures make a great gift to someone who is far away, and would love to stay in touch. Plus mailing a DVD or CD is not expensive compared to sending a entire photo album! They can also take this CD to a print shop and pick and choose which pictures they would like to have printed.

So, before you start creating your scrapbooking photo albums, as nice as they are, they are going to cost you a mint to send, so see if you can find some templates online, then insert your pictures and create a virtual CD scrapbook. You can go searching for scrapbook templates online.

Or scan in the pages of a scrapbook (if you can get the pages apart) and then put them on a CD for your friend or relative to enjoy.

Downloadable Craft Patterns

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Small Christmas Gifts to Mail

 There are all kinds of creative ways to mail small Christmas gifts without breaking the bank. With most people having access to computers now, CDs and DVDs make a great way to get a special gift to your friend or loved one.

Just don't leave anything to the last minute or you will pay big bucks for express post or courier services. If you can utilize your local post office, and allow enough time, you can send small Christmas gifts in the mail.