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Small digital postal scales for home use can help us save time and money. They enable us to not make so many trips to the post office and wait in those awful lines.  I'm sure there isn't anyone reading this that hasn't waited way too long at the post office at some time or other. Worse yet, they seem to be even longer when you're in a hurry. What's a person to do? Do what I did and buy a small postage scale to make waiting in line at the post office days few and far between.

When you have a small digital postal scaleat home you simply don't need the post office as often. You may need to stop there once in a while, but not anything like it used to be. Maybe home postage scales are  one of the reasons that many post offices are closing. If this is true then I am partly to blame since I tell everybody I know about my handy little postage scale and where they can get one.

A few of my family members sell items on ebay so they need to use digital postage scales quite often. I don't sell anything online, but when I saw the scales they use I decided I could benefit from using them as well. You may be like me and only send a package every now and then and not mail letters very often either, however, it's still nice to know that the correct postage is on them.

How many times have you put stamps on an envelope and worried it wouldn't be enough? So, you put on an extra stamp for good measure hoping all will be well and find out later that you wasted a stamp. In the past I did this all the time, but no more of this for me. Now, I can weigh them myself and know that postage is correct giving me peace of mind with no worries at all.

Are you convinced yet? If you are then one of the best places to shop for a small digital postal scale is online where you can find a larger selection, read reviews and compare prices. After all, who wants to drive all around town wasting gas and time when you can shop at home or at least find the information you need to be better informed when you get to Best Buy or wherever.

The best news is that digital postage scales for home use aren't as expensive as one might think. Moreover, even if they were,  they would pay for themselves in money saved on gas trips to the post office and extra postage put on that is unnecessary. You can't lose!

Below are a few small digital postal scales I found at Amazon that are easy on the budget that have good reviews and high ratings check them out and see what you think.

Small Digital Postal Scales- Prices

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Compact Postage Scale

The Ultraship 55 lb Capacity Digital Postal Shipping and Kitchen Scale made by My Weigh is under $25 it has 266 reviews and a 4 star rating. This is a compact digital scale that can weigh anything up to 55 lbs while it only weighs about 6 lbs and comes with a 30 year warranty.

Weighmax, a major player in postal scales sales, offers the Weighmax 2822-75 lb Postal Shipping Scale with Battery and Adapter included for under $25. It has 120 reviews with a 4 star rating and can weigh anything up to 75 lbs and if backed by a lifetime warranty.

Next, with 81 reviews and a 4+ star rating under $30 is the Digital Postal Shipping Postage Bench Scales made by LW Measurements that holds up to 35 lbs. This is a very accurate compact postage scale and weighs only 4 lbs, so it is bit smaller than the other two and loved by most all reviewers.

For those on a budget there are quality small digital postal scales for under $20. One such scale is the American Weigh Scales Table Top Postal Scale, Black it has 12 reviews with a 4+ star rating and can weigh up to 55 lbs. This is an excellent postage scale for the money.

Weighmax comes through again for under $20 with the 50 lb Capacity 2822-50 Blue Color Postal Shipping Scale with Battery and Adapter included. There are 14 reviews with a 4+ star rating and a lifetime warranty. You can't beat this one with a stick worth a look see for sure.

There you have it 5 small digital postal scales that are affordable and of excellent quality. If you're in the market for one you have a good start with these.