Dog Helmet

f you love the idea of taking your dog in a bicycle pet carrier on the front of your bike, and you also like to ride fast so that he has his face into the wind (which most dogs love) then maybe you might want to consider a dog helmet.

Before you hit the back button, just think about it. You wear a helmet and protective gear when you ride your bike. You are protected from a fall, as well as anything whipping by in the wind, but what about your dog?  Check helmet below:

Pet Helmets To Keep them Safe



If you have a small dog, and he loves to sit in the bicycle pet carrier on the front of your bike, then what protects his little head?

As more and more people are carrying their pets with them, whether in cars or on bikes, they could use some protection too! You can get dog helmets or pet helmets in different sizes, but the small dog tends to be more delicate, and a fall from the bicycle pet carrier or something whipping around in the wind could hurt him.

Whether you have been riding a long time with your pooch, or just starting out and have a pet carrier just for him, then protecting him from the elements or a fall are just as important, besides they look cool!

You can head to your local pet supply store, and/or you could also try bicycle accessory stores, to find one that will fit your pooch, or you can also shop online for a dog helmet.

Our dogs are part of the family, and they don't like to see you go off without them, especially for those bike rides with the family, which they would enjoy. So, why not include him. If he is small you can purchase a affordable bicycle pet carrier that fits easily on the front bars of your bike, and can also be used as a portable carrier, but you can also get him some safety gear such as a dog helmet.

Check out bike accessories and safety equipment for dogs, and consider getting him a dog helmet to protect his little head from falls and flying debris.

Getting your bike out, is a good way for you to get your exercise too. So, instead of the same old routine you do everyday with the quick walk around the yard or street with your little dog, why not jazz it up a bit? Get out your bike, put on a carrier, deck him out with a cute dog helmet and then ride away to the dog park.

You get some much needed exercise, he is safely strapped into the carrier with his little dog helmet on, and he can then burn off all that pent up energy and meet some of his doggy friends at the dog park. Then back in the carrier for a fun ride home.

Most little dogs love being in the basket of a bike. But too make sure, you should check out anything new like that around your yard so there is no danger of him leaping out. Give him lots of treats to get him used to the idea of riding in style with you on your bike.

Once he realizes how fun this will be, he will get excited at the site of your bike everyday.