Small glass corner computer desks for home use doesn't take up much space. Glass adds some flavor to your home's style. Finding a really good one going for prices around $100 dollars online and at local stores is a pretty good bargain. There are some white and black home desks that you might find under a $100 dollars online. Glass desks add more of that modern look to your home. They're simple, but eloquent. Down below are some of the small corner computer desks made of glass for home use. The only real disadvantage of purchasing a glass compared to wood is if you have kids. Glass obviously is more prone to breaking and scratching, compared to wood and aluminum home desks. That's really the only real disadvantage.

RTA Clear Glass Corner Computer Desk

If you're looking for a small white desk, then the RTA home and office corner computer desk in clear glass is a highly recommended product. White is a nice and simple color that blends in easily with your home. Prices are pretty high, though for the RTA. You can easily use it as a small TV screen stand too. It's definitely a space saver that only needs 40 inches of room. However, it still provides enough space for computers, TV screens, and table lamps. It's one of the more recommended space saver small glass corner desks for home use, or for the office to purchase online. It's pretty versatile in what it can be used for. Great deals are going online at amazon for this home corner computer desk.


Walker Edison 3-Piece Contemporary Glass and Steel Desk, Silver
Amazon Price: $169.00 $70.78 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 30, 2015)

If white isn't your cup of tea, then RTA makes black glass desks as well. Black adds more spice to your home, unlike white. Both are good colors though. The RTA CT-013B Tempered glass home computer desk is basically the exact same except its black. It's another space saving small home computer desk that fits in all homes, and can be placed anywhere in the house. You'll find some good deals going at amazon, and stacks and stacks for this glass computer desk.

Glass Pandora Home Computer Desk

Online at overstock, the pandora is very popular product, and is going for relatively cheap prices under $200 dollars. Spending under $200 dollars for a small sized desk for work is not a bad purchase by any means. It features both glass and aluminum. It's made with an aluminum frame for durability and support. The table top is featured in tempered tinted glass. It features three shelves. This is a really small computer desk. A real space saver with dimensions of 24.5 x 24.5 x 51. The desk top comes in a triangle shape. Very convenient for computers, and screen TVs.

Z-Line Designs Saline

The Z-line desk is definitely meant to provide a unique look to your home. Key features include a separate computer or TV screen glass stand, followed by a glass stand for the keyboard. A glass top mental frame is featured. It stands at a height of 24 inches. You can find some great deals going online for the Z-line. A very small space saver to purchase for pretty good prices that are going under $200 dollars.

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk
Amazon Price: $349.99 $133.99 Buy Now
(price as of Oct 30, 2015)

Glass Home Computer Desks for a 100 Dollars

If you're look for something a little more in your budget range, then you can find yourself a decent desk for the home going for a $100 dollars online at They also feature a coaster corner to put your printer, table lamp, or any other accessories. It's a little bigger but it still doesn't take up that much room. It's just a simple and modern look to add for your home.