The Kitchen is a great place to start when searching for gift ideas. When buying for avid cooks or simply fans of home decor and food, there is often a wealth of ideas to choose from, inspired by the kitchen. But when budget is an issue the choice can seem overwhelming. But it need not be, there are many small Kitchen Gift Ideas to suit any budget at all.

For the first article about Small Kitchen Gift Ideas we are looking at Salt and Pepper shakers, grinders, sprinklers and so on. It might not grab you at first as the perfect kitchen gift. After all, most of us already have these ubiquitous gadgets in our homes. But, with so much choice regarding design, budget and style they really can make the perfect cooks gift.

Small Cooking Gift Ideas such as Salt and Pepper Grinders are a great idea because you know they will get used. It is nice to have different gadgets and utensils depending on the situation and these are no different. Cooks need something sturdy and simple to clean near the stove, whilst many like something more formal for the dinner party table and something practical and impact resistant for when the kid's are eating.

First of there are the novelty items, ideal for collectors or fans of just about anything. If the cook in your life loves cats, buy them a cat shaped salt cellar. If they are fans of comedy, what about a Laurel & Hardy salt and pepper combo? Novelty salt and pepper shakers are not to everyone's taste but brilliant kitchen gifts for those with a sense of humor and quirky tastes.

For those who love modern style and efficient design what about a sleek modern stainless steel salt and pepper grinder set. These can be bought at prices from $10 up to literally hundreds depending on just how design conscious your friend, and how extended your gift budget is.

If you are buying from a cook that loves traditional home decor, what about a brass and copper Old Dutch International Salt & Pepper Shakers. Built to last, they will surely outlive your loved one, providing seasoning for generations to come.

One great issue with gifts is knowing whether they will be useful, one thing you can be sure about these small Kitchen Gift Ideas is that they will always be used. After all, we all need a little seasoning in our lives don't we.