Small Messenger Bag

Vertical Messenger Bag

Small messenger bags for travel are in style. Now that the flying restrictions are so strict and airlines have hiked the prices of baggage, small travel bags are hot. Use a small messenger-commuter bag for travel and skip the headache. Many of these smaller bags are now made TSA regulation size to fit the airport security regulations. There are many different messenger and commuter bag brands to choose from guaranteeing there are enough brands and styles that the perfect bag exists.

Small messenger bags make travel easier and are perfect substitutes for a heavy purse or a back aching wallet. Use a messenger bag to lug around a cell phone, PDA, wallet, car keys, and don't forget to pack the Kindle or Apple iPad tablet. Small messenger bags are also called mini messenger bags, utility bags, and vertical messenger bags.

Whether you are shopping for an elegant leather men's messenger briefcase or a vertical computer bag for a netbook, a small messenger bag is the way to go. Small messenger bag designs are varied, so you can find one that accommodates person style. Whether the look is a hipster, preppy, business, sporty or who-cares-as-long-as-I-have-bag, there is a bag that fits. Small messenger bags come in many colors and fabrics. You can get a small black leather messenger bag or a black canvas messenger bag. Getting a comfortable commuter bag makes going somewhere easier.

Small Messenger Bags for Travel

Some small messenger bags brands are also makers of the larger size messenger bags, also called over the shoulder messenger bags. Men have many stylish vertical and larger messenger bags available, such as the briefcase messenger. There are also many different styles of leather messenger bags for work, school, or leisure. The small messenger bags or vertical computer bags are sometimes just used to carry around smaller items. Some like to use commuter bags for specific times and carry their regular size bag most of the year. Small travel bags, like these vertical laptop bags, can work as an iPad bag or a small laptop bag. If your small travel bag is around 10 inches then it will fit an iPad as well as all of the Kindle Wireless readers . Don't get caught without your media.

The following small messenger bags for travel are great for the day-to-day travel, too. These messenger bags for men and women, students and commuters, are fine for anybody who needs a great bag on their commute, whether it's across the country or across campus.

  • Timbuk2 Small Messenger Bags

Timbuk2 messenger bags are one of the most popular brands. Originally made for bike messengers, these bags are made with durability in mind. When they create new styles it is from user feedback and demand. Timbuk2 has a large supply of small, medium, and large messenger bags. The Timbuk2 D-Lux Messenger Bag is for travel away from the office. Another popular Timbuk2 commuter bag is their extra-small Timbuk2 Classic Messenger bags.

  • Gucci Messenger Bag

Gucci is a good brand that has been around for awhile. If you are looking for a small messenger bag with style then check out a Gucci messenger bag, either a small shoulder bag or a crossbody bag. Either way there are plenty of Gucci messenger bags for your needs.

  • Eastsport Bags

Eastsport small messenger bags are made by the company that has been a strong backpack maker for years. If you know the strength of Eastport backpacks then you know that their small messenger bag can travel tough anywhere you go.

  • Mountain Smith Messenger Bags Small

Mountain Smith says their small messenger bag is "perfect for your daily grind." It has reinforced fabric and lining, removable shoulder straps, fleece lined eyewear pocket, and is a highly rated messenger bag, for travel or fun.

  • The North Face Small Messenger Bag

The North Face Base Camp Messenger Bag is a durable travel bag. Whether you are hitting the slopes or the supermarket, this is a great small messenger bag with an adjustable padded shoulder strap and hip belt so you can wear it across the waist or chest. It has plenty of room and stability. The North Face make quality products whether they are messenger bags or winter coats.

  • Oakley Computer Bag

Oakley small messenger bags or computer bags are a popular brand. Oakley has always been a provider of quality bags and clothing. The Oakley computer bag is great for packing items for travel, use at college, carrying an iPad, or using as a laptop bag. There are pockets for cell phones and come in different designs. Oakley bags are great for boys and girls.

Small Vertical Messenger Bags

The small vertical messenger bags are more narrow than the other small messenger bags, but are messenger bags just the same. You can use them to tuck your Kindle folio during travel. Check out David King & Co or Piel small vertical messenger bags.

Small Messenger Bags for Travel

Hurley has a new messenger bag style that looks sporty and fun. Some other popular brands are Prada and Burberry, including the Burberry Check Canvas Shoulder Flap and the Burberry Nylon Flap Messenger bags for travel. Check out Tumi, Columbia, Sherpani, and High Sierra small messenger bags, too. For discount messenger bags look at outlet stores, shop during the holidays, and check online at Amazon. Amazon usually has some excellent sale prices. Messenger bags are on sale during the holidays. Messenger bags are excellent gifts. They are perfect for birthday, Christmas, and other gift giving occasions.

There are so many different types of small messenger bags for travel or commute that it is impossible to list them all. What can be almost assured is that when you find the small messenger bag that fits your personal style it is going to speak to you. Messenger bags are a growing trend because they are durable and safer than purses, duffle bags or briefcases. Having a crossbody travel bag makes it harder to steal. At the very least, if you are traveling, you should buy a messenger bag for tourist activities and as an airplane carry on bag. Go get your messenger bag now.