Small romantic gift ideas do not have to be pricey. Sometimes inexpensive and cheap items are appreciated just as much as the higher priced ones. As long as you are looking at giving something with the right sentiment, your spouse should be happy. It doesn't matter whether you need a small anniversary gift, or something for another purpose, you can find the ideal present.

Small romantic gifts for him:

Unlike woman, most men do not want a bunch of red roses and some chocolates as a romantic gesture. They are testosterone filled people, and that will never change, no matter how romantic they are feeling.

An experience day gift voucher 

If your man love cars and would happily spend the day burning rubber, consider giving him an experience day voucher. There are lots of adrenaline based activities offered, by many businesses, anything from Ferrari driving to paint balling. Most of the companies sell gift vouchers, so why not have a look and see what is available.
To add a romantic touch, put the voucher in a small box with a silk ribbon tied around it. Write a little note and put it inside.

Small gifts for her:

A single red rose

Sometimes less is more. Red roses will never go away. They have been associated with love and romance for hundreds of years, and for good reason. Women love them. There is no simpler and cheaper way to say 'I love you', than by giving her a single red rose followed by a kiss.

An eternity ring

Not quite ready for engagement, but want to prove your love and commitment. How about an eternity ring? Eternity rings are simply rings that you give your partner to prove your love and express that you will love them forever. They are especially good for people who have no desire to marry. To make it extra special, get a small message engraved on the ring band.

Small personalized gifts:

Personalized gifts are always popular and well received. It shows that you made an extra effort to make sure they enjoy their gift. Every day more products can be personalized as demand increases.

Personalized romantic book

Every wanted to become a more confident lover or a secret agent? Now you and your partner can be whatever you want by starring in your own romance or erotica novel. It's as easy as filling in a few details about your personality, appearance, and name.   US Shipping. Choose from many genres. The average price range is from $35.99.      UK Shipping

A personalized phone case

Every time they use their phone remind them how special they are with a personalized phone case. Upload an image of the two of you together and create a personalized phone case. Many Photo printing websites (including now offer this service.

Personalized jewellery

Nothing says 'I love you' more than jewellery, but make the sentiment mean even more with personalized jewellery. Choose the style, metal, design and finish, then incorporate a special photo.

Small thoughtful gifts:

Housechore Vouchers

If your partner does a lot around the house, show your appreciation with housechore vouchers. Each voucher can be redeemed, meaning you do the specified chore instead of them. You could create the vouchers yourself or buy some ready-made ones online.

Small unique gifts    

A video card

A video card is a short recorded message of your greeting that can be watched instead of having it. It is an unusual way to communicate your message,which can make it more special.

 If you have a camera, record the message yourself and add any props or special effects using a video editing software. Alternatively you could buy a video card (or e-card/interactive card) from many service providers online. They make it much easier.  UK

Message on a tree

Buy a small bonsai tree, a piece of quality card and a silk ribbon. Cut off a piece of the card and write a romantic poem, message or joke in neat handwriting. Tie the card to the tree using the silk ribbon and leave it someplace they will see it (or just hand it to them).

So that should keep you thinking for a while. Small romantic gifts can be personalized, unpersonalized, expensive or cheap. The only thing that matters is whether they will  appreciate it or not.