Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

With the sizes of homes reducing, most people will live in what is considered a small house or apartment at one point in their lives. However, small can still be beautiful provided that a few design ideas for small spaces are followed especially with small furniture for small rooms. These furniture have more than one use and they can also be used for other uses therefore, it enables you to combine function and efficiency. The following small apartment furniture give value for money and save on space. They are good investment for anyone looking for small space solutions for their interior.

The Sofa Bed

Small Room Furniture-Sofas for Small Spaces

This is the most widely used small living room furniture. It works well in bedsitters and single roomed houses. There are different types of sofa beds. The sofa that converts into a comfortable bed at night and there is also the one which looks like a day bed. At night, the slides out from below the day bed to allow a guest to sleep.

Drop leaf tables

Small Room Furniture-Drop Leaf TablesThese fold down to fit four or six people. However, when you have extra friends, the drop leaf expands to fit two to four more people and now you have an 8 seater dining table. A drop leaf table can also double up as a desk for a home office before converting into a dining table in the evening.



 Small Room Furniture-Beds with DrawersStorage is important in a small home as the space can be filled in a disorderly way quickly. One of the best tips for small homes is to buy furniture items with hidden storage, like beds with drawers below.

Mobile Trolleys

These are found in most supermarkets and furniture retailers. They are good for holding drinks or serving food. They can be rolled out into any room to serve purpose as a mini-bar, kitchen or even a coffee table.

An armoires

Small Room Furniture-ArmoireIt is a free-standing cupboard which is both attractive in its own right but can also be used to store a television or a music system, or can be converted into a mini-bar.

Stackable stools and chairs

Small Room Furniture-stackable chairsThese allow you to save space because they stack neatly on top of each other when not in use. The stools which are usually made of wood or a combination of wood and iron, or glass and iron, can be separated depending on the number of guests. The chairs which are usually constructed from plastic, can be un-stacked to give more seating in the living room or dining room.


Small Room Furniture-ChestsThey come in a variety of finishes including wood, which is usually carved into beautiful designs, leather or a combination of metal  and wood. Chests can serve as coffee table, seat or be placed at the foot of a bed in the bedroom. They can also be used to store books, picture albums, toys and many other things.

Remember, when you go shopping for your furniture follow these 3 small house living tips:

  • Borrow space from the outdoors. Do you have a balcony or a veranda? Create an extra living room or a dining room.
  • Have a multifunctional room. For example, the bedroom can be both a home office, bedroom or a television room. Similarly, a kitchen can serve as a dining room if fitted with a seating.
  • Invest in more storage. A small house can never have too much storage, as clutter builds up so quickly. Look above the cupboard, along the walls and below the beds or bathroom sinks for extra storage. Where possible, invest in storage pieces that are solid to hide everything you don't want to display.