Window Cleaning

Starting a window cleaning business is pretty easy and the cost is very low. You will need a few things to get started and a little cash for advertisements. If you have a truck or van tghis is even better but a car will work when you are first starting.

Advertise your cleaning business using

  • Flyers
  • Local neighborhood newspapers
  • Word of mouth
  • Cold calls

Supplies for your business

  • Step ladder
  • Small pole
  • Five gallon bucket
  • Squeegees of various sizes
  • Towels/ rags
  • Dishwash liquid for cleaning solution (squirt per 3 gallons)
  • Wand or unger to apply solution


  • $1.50 per side for storefront glass
  • $3.50 per side for residential windows
  • Add $1.00 per floor per window

Lawn Service

As far as new small scale business ideas go, lawn care is pretty popular. With that being said, understand the competition could be very heavy. The positive side to this business model is that you will not need a lot of customers to make ends meet. If you can get 25 customers together which have you service their lawn one time each week at $20.00 per cut then you could be making $500.00 per week with a general lawn care business.

There are plenty of ad ons you could charge for also but lets keep it simple at first. There are a few supplies you will need to get started the right way.


  • Lawn mower
  • Leaf blower
  • Weed eater
  • Edger

Advertising the lawn care business

  • Local small newspapers
  • Flyers
  • Cold calls
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Local business search online
  • Google maps


  • Mow average lawn $20.00
  • Mow, edge, and blow $ 25.00
  • Commercial starting at $50.00


Online Business Ideas

It is easy to start a small online business and make some money working for yourself. There are many methods to choose from and you do not have to legally start a business to earn money from the internet. In 2011 a good small scale business idea in the USA could just be running a local advertisement website. Build a website and concentrate your keywords on local area business needs. Provide headings for all the different types of business you expect to advertise for and then start promoting and building links back to your site.

You can advertise for free at first to get word of mouth and build some content. After a few months you could place some ads on Craigslist letting people know about your local advertsing website. There are many forums and hyperlocal places for you to get the word out. If you seo your site properly, local business owners will happily pay per lead atleast. This way you can get a small commission for each call or website visit the companies get.

Another way to go with this small business idea would be to help local small businesses get listed in the local search engines through Google maps. You dont have to tell them how you are doing it just charge for getting their site listed locally and possibly make a monthly fee for continuing to push traffic to their website.