Having a small home with a small living area does not mean you cannot design your home interior into something that you can be proud of. With a little bit of hard and diligent work on the research that should be done, it can be done no matter how small the space is. The secret to creating a well-designed interior isn’t a secret at all. All you have to do is be practical and be artistic at the same time. This article will discuss what your options are when it comes to choosing the right sofa furniture for a living room that is limited in floor space.

One of the most important, if not the most important, aspect of designing the living room is the decision on what seating furniture to use. Choosing the right sofa set is crucial to this and you will need to keep in mind one thing--- small rooms require small sofa sets! Buying something that is slightly bigger than the ideal allocation will probably affect the overall outcome of your decorating efforts. Also it will increase chances of your living area getting too cluttered.

There are various options you have as far as small sofa models are concerned. Enumerated below are some of the more popular ones:

  1. Two seater loveseat sofas – are compact sofas capable of seating two persons (hence, the name loveseat). They make great center piece to any small to medium sized rooms and, with the different designs available, should be a good fit to any design theme that you wish to achieve for your living area. They come in many different materials like microfiber, velvet, leather, etc.
  2. Two seater settees – are a type of chair or sofa that dates back to medieval times. They are usually made of wood with back and armrests. It has made a comeback and is now usually designed with cushioning in the seat and back rests. The cushioning and upholstery also come in different materials and it is not uncommon to find 2 seater leather settee variety which can be an elegant addition to any small living room.
  3. Single or double sofa beds – are sofas that can be converted to beds by changing its configuration. The back rests are usually designed to fold up or down to flatten it and change it to its bed setting. Folding the back rest back up brings it back to its sofa setting. These type of sofas come in many different designs as well but one good variety is the corner sofa bed variety which can be used to further maximize home corners. A great option for small rooms if you ask me!
  4. Futon sofa – are sofas that basically have the same idea as sofa beds. They make use of futon mattresses on frames that can be configured into a sofa or chair-like setting and could also be converted into a bed position where you could lie down to sleep or rest. Also makes great addition to small homes but it does not have the artistic flair that the other sofa options offer.