First time owners always get the shock of their life when they realized the money they have been saving for so many years is not enough to buy the house of their dreams. We all want a big house with three of four bedrooms and enough space for a walk-in closet and the garden of course; however, many of us are not able to afford what we want and end up small apartment that are not very comfortable; however, if this is your position at the moment you must make the most of it, remember that a few home improvements will add value to your investment and while you live there it is important to enjoy it.  There are many tips on how to decorate a small apartment but as you know a good storage solution is priority in this case.


Good use of space - Extensions

Creative use of space is fundamental in small apartments, if you look carefully around your place, you will find an area that can be better used – can you extend into corridors or use the space under the stairs to create a small toilet or a very handy storage space, if you or your wife has to many shoes then it might be an ideal place to storage them.

Small Space Design: study or office in the loft conversionCredit: danmontOne of the most cost effective ways I found to add some space before putting my house on the market was to add a small mezzanine floor on the empty space next to the stairs; it is not expensive at all, especially if you compare it against the benefits of creating an extra room that could easily be a studio or small office – in this case changing the staircase for a glass staircase would be even better, it will add extra light and make the space look bigger that what it actually is.


Central heating

The majority of the houses use a gas central heating; however, radiators on a small apartment could occupy valuable space that could be used for something else; have you ever considered underfloor heating? This is a very effective and cost effective way to keep your house warm during the cold months – it is not as expensive as you think and the savings on running costs during a period of time will pay for the improvement.


Knocking down a wall

What to Check When Buying a House – Survey Structure Your Investment, Renovation ProjectCredit: Daniel M RamirezAnother creative way to make your apartment look bigger is knocking down a wall to create an open place; as long as the internal wall is not a supporting one you will be fine. In my case I knocked down the wall between the living room and the kitchen and bought an extendable table to put it in the kitchen, now my dining room is being used as an extra bedroom and it is currently being advertised in the house market as a three bedroom apartment instead of two.


En Suite in the bedroom

Small space design: ensuite in the loft conversionCredit: danmontIf you are fortunate enough to have a loft and it is possible to convert it into a livable space don’t forget to add an en-suite; the value of your home will increase dramatically by having a family bathroom and an en-suite; you don’t need a lot of space to create a lovely and charming bathroom – but you need to be creative in what you do with it and where you place everything, as you can see in my tiny en-suite I was able to place a Jacuzzi bath under the skylights (windows).