Small Space Kitchen Design - How to Make it Work For You

  If you live in a house or an apartment unit with a small space kitchen design, working efficiently in your kitchen may be frustrating and often feel disorganized as you try to cram everything you need into a small kitchen.  It's not impossible to set up an efficiently run kitchen, even one with a small space design.  It just takes a bit or work and some organizational tools.  When you are finished, your small space design kitchen will not be any larger; just more efficient and organized, making your kitchen jobs that much easier.

  First, you need to look at the amount of floor space, counter space, and storage space available through your drawers and cabinets in the kitchen.  Don't forget empty wall space when assessing the room.  Large appliances, such as a refrigerator, stove, and perhaps a built in dishwasher, are probably already in space in an apartment unit, and most likely already arranged in your kitchen in your house.  This makes figuring out available space fairly easy, especially if there's not a lot of empty space!

  In the tiniest of small space kitchen designs, floor space is probably minimal at best, with no room for a full size or even possibly compact size kitchen table and chair set.  The table and chairs therefore out of necessity will go into your dining room area, unless you can s         queeze in a stepstool with seat or a barstool for occasional meals for one at the kitchen counter.  A folding two or three step stepstool with seat could be used in the kitchen and folded up when not in use and stored away.  If your small space kitchen design has enough room for a small table and chair set, sticking with a set that can fold and be store away when not used will still allow you to have the best of both worlds; an eat-in kitchen, plus more space to work in.  If you prefer an all in one storage solution, a free standing small kitchen island, with space for food preparation and eating, might work well for you.  Add a few stools and you have a breakfast bar in your kitchen.   A kitchen without a built in pantry can use an island for extra storage space. 

  Counter space might be very minimal also in your small space kitchen design.  Use what counter space you have as efficiently as possible.  Decide which small appliances you need to have at hand on your counter.  These might end up being as few pieces as a toaster and small coffee maker.  Other small appliances such as mixers and blenders can be stored away until needed.  For small baking items and spices, use a tiered lazy susan to hold these items.  Hooks on a wall can be used to hold kitchen utensils used most often - perhaps a spatula, serving spoon and whatever else you need handy.  This frees up drawer space.  Hooks can be purchased as peel and stick hooks if you can't or aren't allowed to pound hooks into the wall.  Large pots and pans can also be stored on wall hooks.  Try a tiered hanging basket that hangs from a hook on the ceiling to store items such as onions, garlic and potatoes.  Just make sure it hangs low enough for you to reach these items easily! 

  Today's microwaves can be wall mounted, making them accessible and space saving, too, in your small space kitchen.  Your oven may also have a unit built in underneath for storage of cookie sheets and flat pans.  Take advantage of these ready to use storage places!  Cabinet space in a small space kitchen design is also often at a premium; another source of frustration.  Take advantage of the many cabinet organizers available these days in stores or on the web.  Lazy susans in cabinets make reaching jars and cans easier.  Use under cabinet storage hooks for coffee mugs instead of a mug tree on the counter or cramming mugs into your small space over crowded cabinets.  Storage of plates, bags, wraps and other essential kitchen items can be made easier using organizers for these items.  Cleaners and detergents can be placed in overdoor baskets that store these items over the doors and inside the space under your sink - especially useful in case of the pipes under the sink accidentally leaking!  Items stay dry stored above ground.  Dinnerware organizers, cabinet corner organizers and stacking shelves all could work well in a pantry of in the available on the wall cabinet space.  If you are allowed, a high shelf installed over cabinets or even the kitchen door can hold those giant pots or items rarely used but needed on occasion.  Your out of the way folding stepstool can be used to help retrieve these items as needed. 

  Online shops, such as Organize World, or Targets and Walmarts, are good sources for all kitchen organizers needed to help make your small space kitchen design more efficient for you.  If your small space kitchen has a window with a ledge, use it for small potted kitchen herbs that you can snip when needed to add to what you are making for dinner.  It is possible to achieve a lot even within a small space kitchen design as long as you organize your kitchen to it's maximum potential.  Don't forget to check online or in store displays for other ideas that might work for you as well

There are many things you can do to enhance you kitchen design when you have to deal with small space. There are no hard and fast rule about what to do because your taste and budget will largely influence how you proceed. In some cases, even the best designers will be unable to create a miracle if there isn't just the space to do so. In situations like these, you will be better off moving into a bigger apartment with larger space. In the meantime, the ideas above you should get you going until you can get a bigger place to live