Small Space Solutions:  Creating a Home Office


  You've decided to set up an office area in your home, but don't have a spare room to use for a home office.  In fact, you live in a small house, or small space apartment.  How do you create an office at home out of the space available?  It isn't all that difficult to do, especially if you purchase the right kind of furnishings for your home office area and know how to arrange them.  Arrangement is important to give you the privacy you  might need when working from home.   You want to eliminate distractions from other areas of your home, if possible.  As long as you have a wall, or even a corner, you can create a home office. 

  To begin, access how your home office is going to be used.  Will it replace an away from home work office?  Is it an adjunct to your office at work?  Will it be used all week, or only in the evenings or on weekends?  If you will be using your home office on a daily basis, you might want to consider creating one in a room other than your bedroom.  Bedrooms need to be associated with sleep and other bedtime activities.  Office space in a bedroom can interfere with sleep.  A small space in the living room, dining room, or even an empty kitchen corner is a better solution to the area for your home office. 

  After deciding which area you are going to use for your home office area, it's important to look at what equipment and furnishings you will need in this area to make your home office work for you.  A computer is usually one basic piece of equipment in any office, including a home office.  If yours is a laptop, you have a bit more flexibility with the type of computer table or desk you choose.  With a laptop, multi-functional furniture, which works great in any small space room, works well in a small space home office.  You can use a pullout shelf for the computer.  Even with a desktop PC there are still plenty of options without choosing large, bulky furniture that will overwhelm your small space home office area.  Hideaway desks are one option.  These are desks built inside a cupboard and range in price from around one hundred dollars up to over a thousand dollars.  If you are on a tight budget, places such as Target sell computer armoires for around ninety dollars.  These include cord management, keyboard tray, and shelves, with room for a printer or an all in one machine.  A corner desk, sold at places such as EverythingOfficeFurniture online, come in a variety of styles, sizes, and price ranges.  With their corner computer desks you can transform an empty corner of a room in to a home office area.  You can add to this later with additional office pieces.  Another idea is to use a five sides computer table.  These come with keyboard trays and room underneath with shelves and other storage options.  A printer can be put underneath or right on the table.  If you are not using your cell phone for work, a phone stand nearby is also a good idea for the landline phone used for your home office.  The more compact, the more essential items are included in your home office area, the less tempted you'll be to roam the rest of your house or apartment looking for a "pencil" or "piece of paper".  Keep writing tools handy, and have a daily planner, either on your computer, or in a nearby desktop book type/calendar planner. 

  Another important consideration for any home office area is lighting.  If the space you choose doesn't have overhead lighting, use a tall floor lamp to provide this type of lighting.  These are slender enough to fit in the smallest of spaces!  If possible, an area near a window is wonderful as it will provide lots of natural lighting, especially on sunny days.  Either way, use the best possible lighting to help avoid eye strain and fatigue.

  A comfortable desk or computer chair is needed, especially if you will be spending long hours sitting in it.  A nearby wastebasket is helpful, too.  A few decorative wall shelves can come in handy, especially if your computer table doesn't provide much storage space.  A pleasant print or picture on the walls will help brighten up the area.  If there's no way to screen off your home office space, then a small area rug can help to define it.  Your family can be taught that this is your office space.  You can also check out some pictures of small space home offices on the internet for some other ideas.  In no time at all, you'll have a functional home office area that you've created from a small space in your house or apartment.