Small Space Teenage Bedroom Storage Ideas


  One thing most parents of teens will agree on is the amount of "stuff" a teenager has in his or her room that needs storage space.  Yet, if your teen occupies a small space bedroom, extra storage space can seem nonexistent, and the teen's room often appears crowded or messy.  The good news is there are ways to increase storage space in your teen's small space bedroom without taking up a lot of extra room.  By using a few little storage tips and tricks, your teen's bedroom can be well organized and comfortable.

  The one item that normally takes up a good deal of space in any bedroom is, of course, the bed. No matter how small the bedroom, something to sleep on is a necessity.  For a small space teen's bedroom, one idea is a bed that is multi-functional, such as a space saving loft bed.  With room for desks or dressers underneath, either built in or as separate pieces of furniture, a loft bed can even be arranged right between two walls with a layer of support built in underneath.  Try on with a built in desk or computer station underneath the bed.  If it has an additional built in dresser, you've got a piece of furniture that is a three in one deal!  Other multi-functional space saving loft beds have wardrobes underneath, and you can get a trundle bed for overnight guests. 

  Another type bed that is excellent for a small space teenage bedroom, that allows for storage, is a modular wall style arrangement that has a fold out bed built in to a wall unit.  This type of wall unit can include shelves, drawers, closets, desks and cabinets - plenty of areas for storage; all along one wall of the small space bedroom.  For the teen who needs space for his or her computer in the bedroom, office combos and panel beds are other good choices.  Many of the contemporary combinations available today can be arranged any way the teen desires.  Once your teen leaves home for his own apartment or for college, the room, with office furniture, can be transformed into a home office/spare bedroom. 

  High built platform beds, with plenty of storage space underneath, work well as long as you have containers for storage to place underneath the bed.  Drawers on wheels can be used to store extra clothing or bedding under one of these beds.  If desired, you can also find beds with built in drawers underneath, eliminating the need to have a separate dresser in the room.   Any combination furniture such as this takes up less room; making it highly functional and desirable for a small space teen's bedroom.  Other ideas for adding extra storage space include making use of areas off the floor, such as the walls.  Add decorative brackets and shelves to display your teen's collections or other items.  Wall units that hold cds and dvds are available almost anywhere these days.  In the closet, put an extra shelf or two in, along with additional rods for hanging clothes.  Dirty clothes all over your teen's floor?  Hampers that hang from the bedroom door can be used.  Many of these are available online at places such as Amazon.  Depending on available space left, you can also put colorful storage bins in the bedroom.  Put a bulletin board on the wall for your teen to display photos or other paper items. 

  Once you are finished, your teen's small space bedroom will be organized without sacrificing lots of space.