Writer's block can be a dreaded disease that can take over us. I'm sure there have been several times when you've sat down to write something, and you honestly can't move the pencil or type a single key. Something about writer's block takes over our beings and forces us to be unable to scratch a single word out. This usually comes directly after an influx of awesome progress as far as writing goes, and thus makes it even more frustrating for the writer. When you're staring at a blank screen or blank page, the frustration inside bubbles and builds into pure anger. In order stop anger and possibly have words and articles flowing forth, I'll give you a few tips that have worked for me. These are the steps I mainly use to get over Info Barrel writer's block, but these steps have also helped me in school for class, as well as freelance artistic writing. As an English student, I understand the pains of writer's block, and hope to help you eliminate it.
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1. Do Not Exhaust Yourself - I've seen this far too often. Someone will exert so much force that they end up overdoing it, and run out of brain juices to carry forth. If you take a day and crank out ten articles on Info Barrel, chances are your well will run dry pretty shortly. There is such a thing as overdoing it, and you need to be calm and relax. When writing for Info Barrel, I understand the implementation of personal deadlines we've all set for ourselves, but honestly, we're not forced to write 10 articles a day for the entire year. You do not have to abide by crazy timelines, because it's not a professional job (which is one of the main beauties of Info Barrel). When writing each article, you need to pace yourself. Let the ideas come to you, and then write them. If you sit in front of a computer screen trying to force yourself to think of an idea for an article, this will usually cause you to end up empty handed.

Also, this goes for school papers and other forms of writing as well. If you're writing for school, don't exert yourself in doing 10 out of the 12 pages of homework in one night. Take your time, and that way you won't feel so pressured. Allow ideas for papers to come to you. Keep your deadline in mind, but also pace yourself. You can exhaust yourself when writing your own artistic writings as well. Don't set out to write a 600 page novel in one night. Pace yourself, or the exhaust will cause you to shelf the idea and you'll easily get burnt out on it.

2. Keep A Notebook With You - Usually ideas hit us when we're not searching for them. There have been countless times when an idea for an Info Barrel article has hit me while driving around. I'll jot the idea into a notebook so I can open it later and write it. This method has worked wonders and has allowed me to save ideas that might have previous been lost amongst other thought and forgotten forever. The idea of a notebook to write down your ideas can help save you. Usually when we're in the moment of writing and trying to think of something to write about we can't, but ideas for Info Barrel articles and other forms of writing hit us when we least expect them to. When we have a notebook with us, we can eternally engrave the ideas without possibility of losing them.

3. View Other People's Articles - By viewing other people's Info Barrel articles, you can gather possible ideas for your own new articles. I'm not saying to still their ideas, however, sometimes when you see what other people are writing, it can help you receive inspiration for your own articles. By being clued in on what other people are writing about, you may pick up on an area of writing that you never thought about writing for. Browse what people are writing about, look through the different categories, examine what works for people, and you may find the inspiration you need. This works for other forms of writing as well. If you're writing a poem, look at other people's poetry and see how different styles of poets perfect their craft. By seeing what works for other people, you can sometimes see what works for yourself.

4. Writing Exercises - I was having trouble thinking of something to write about one day, and a friend recommended a writing exercise that has worked wonders since. She told me to take a few sheets of clean notebook paper and a pencil, and write for ten minutes without stopping. This can help show the direction your brain is going, and force out ideas onto a page. This temporarily eliminates writer's block and allows you to see the direction your mind is moving in. Through the material that's on the page, you may discover things that are heavy on your mind that you might have possibly overlooked, and some of it could be used as Info Barrel articles, or whichever writing medium you need to conquer writer's block in.

5. Ask Others For Ideas - Nothing is wrong with a little recommendation now and then. Sometimes our friends and families can help us think of awesome writing subjects that may have slipped from our radar. Simply ask your family for helpful advice, and chances are they would be more than happy to help you think of new things to write about. Friends and family are in our lives for support, so we should ask them to help us when our writer's block is acting up. It also may be beneficial as an Info Barrel writer to see what other people might want to see as far as types of articles goes. Your friends and family may help you see an area in which a lot of people are interested in, thus giving you lots of views and some possible Google Adsense money.
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I hope this article may have helped in some way. There is nothing worse than a bad case of writer's block, so hopefully you found a few ways to resolve the problem. By following these small steps, you will be able to get over writer's block for Info Barrel and beyond. If you're writing for a school paper, writers block may be a difficult stumbling block. If you follow these steps, you may be able to defeat the writer's block and get an A plus grade.