small tiny house plans: Great for Small Apartments?


Small apartments have advantages. They are great for people who want to downsize and have less house to maintain, or who want to eliminate maintenance such as shoveling snow and mowing lawns. They usually cost less, so they are great for people who can’t or don’t want to spend a lot on housing. Small apartments also cost less to maintain, so utility bills are lower than those of large houses. They are also good for people who don’t own pets or have children.

As great as a small apartment can be, it still needs to be livable. A small house plan can work as long as the rooms are big enough to use. For instance, a room needs to be able to hold standard-sized furniture.

A living room must be able to accommodate chairs for everyone who lives in the apartment. While the rooms may be small, there is still a need for closets and storage space. Small house plans can work very well, but not if it means sacrificing vital space that an apartment needs. An apartment does not need to have many rooms, but the rooms that are there need to be of sufficient size to be used properly


Tiny Living Room Ideas: Is this About Minimalism?

 There are some reasons why some people might want a tiny living room. One reason may be because the floor plan they are working with requires a smaller living room. Another reason may be that the living room is not intended to be the main living space, and a larger family or great room is planned in another part of the house. It may also be cost prohibitive to plan a large living room in certain houses or apartments. Does any of this have to do with the concept of Minimalism?

No, planning a tiny living room doesn’t really have anything to do with Minimalism. Minimalism is a concept involving art and design and meaning that everything non-essential is eliminated. The only way to minimize a room is to design it to be a square box, basically, with no other features. However, a living room, in order to be a living room, still must contain certain furniture, such as a couch and a table or two.

If these furniture pieces are eliminated, then the purpose of the room would be changed. This is not the same thing as following the concept of Minimalism. There is a way to furnish the room in a Minimalist style, but simply designing a small room is not purely Minimalism.