There are many small water bottles available today that you can purchase. Of course, they come with many different aesthetics, shapes, sizes, and features. Some of you may be interested in a specialized water bottle that comes with an add on handle that would make it easier to carry around in the morning, while others may be looking for a simple bottle to take on hiking expeditions. As we all well know, purchasing a water bottle is not the most complex task in the world, but it is always a great idea to have a guide to help you find the best products worth your buck.

Small Water Bottles Hydrate You and Make a Great Accessory

I would imagine that most people who are interested in small water bottles are likely concerned with just a few things: durability, appearance, and user ratings/reviews. After all, water bottles are essentially just portable cups that can be taken anywhere. There is no real need to get overly complex, and advertisements by companies attempting to make these products out to be anything other than the simple appliance that they are, are just fooling themselves. As a consumer, we are only interested in good products; not rubbish marketing campaigns. Below I have compiled a short list of features that you should consider when making a H20 bottle purchase.

In terms of durability, you will want to seek out small water bottles that are made from either stainless steel or BPA-free hard plastic. The primary reason for this is because these materials are known to withstand a large amount of pressure. If you accidentally drop it, it will not shatter into pieces. This is especially ideal if you have children or are particularly clumsy yourself. Of course, another reason to consider these materials is the simple fact that the water flavor does not become diluted with the taste of plastic or a metallic taste associated with metal.

In terms of the sheer aesthetics of small water bottles, you will be able to find an array of art styles and designs. Some people may preference a fairly “normal” looking product that is either a sleek black or metallic color, while others may prefer more artistic bottles that really express their interest in color and life. For example, you may be attracted to the brand name Reduce’s line of products that feature hippie style color schemes and artwork. While the look and feel of a liquid holding bottle is not overly important, it is fine to desire a product that works well with your personality.

Of course, you should also be certain to check out user ratings, reviews, and price points of small water bottles as you look to invest in a new bottle for your personal needs. You can find ratings all over the web, so you never have to settle for second best based on a guess while in a retail store. In a small period of time, I will be looking at some specific products that have lasted the test of time in the hands of consumers that are very affordable and usable for virtually any purpose. There is even a small water bottle line designed for dogs!

Two Great Small H20 Bottles for Your Personal Needs

Of all the small water bottles, you will want to immediately check out the Silver 12oz Wide Mouth Stainless Steel bottle developed by Together Bottle. This is a very simple device that comes included with a hiking clip. It is perfect for a large variety of scenarios. Whether you just need a bottle for work or to send with your children to school, or perhaps are serious about hiking and wish to have a small water bottle on hand; this product will be sure to impress you. Overall, it has a high rating across the Internet, and its minor drawbacks are more then made up for with it’s sub-five dollar price point.

A great small water bottles alternative that I simply cannot get is the Reduce 01175 WaterWeek 10oz Girls II bottle set. In your average article, I would only recommend individual bottles; however these water bottles cost close to the average price you would spend on one stainless steel water bottle. The immense amount of money saving you will do by investing in this set is significant. This is perfect if you have a family and want to keep them all well nourished and hydrated. Each bottle comes in a distinct color and design as well, which just adds a lot of value.

The recommended small water bottles in this article are known amongst consumers as providing a great quality drink at a low cost. No matter what reason you need a H20 bottle for, you will find all the information you need in this write up.  If you’re not yet ready to make a purchase, you should keep this article in a bookmark so you can compare the products you are looking at with the great information that can only be found here.