Searching for the right small writing desk can be a chore

Many people seem to enjoy larger sized writing desks because they fit in with a mental picture often associated with power, prestige, and being in control or being on top. While the large versions can be absolutely beautiful and stunning to behold, they are also often extremely hard to move and can take up a wide amount of space that you simply don't have.

In addition to this, there's the fact that many large desks are built traditionally, which can be an issue when needing plenty of space to deal with cords, computers, and handling other modern tools that are essential to running a business or just keeping in touch with the outside world.

However there is also a steady movement showing that more and more people are being won over by the idea of small writing desks for use in their home office or home space. These pieces of furniture are easy to move (even if they are just one piece), put together (if they're not one piece), and are completely and fully functional. Whether you're looking for something like a small study place for your child at home, a place to write letters, or even as a beautiful and sophisticated decorative piece for a living room, dining room, or any other room, sometimes size does matter...and that doesn't mean that bigger is better. Sometimes it's all about the fit at the home office or at home, especially when you're dealing with any situation where free space is at a premium.

These smaller writing desks have many benefits over their larger counterparts. One of the first and most obvious advantages is the pocket book impact. Smaller desks tend to cost less than larger desks. These savings don't even have to mean a decline in quality as many small desks are very high quality while there are still plenty of bigger ones that are nothing but Wal-Mart junk. However, the point remains that someone who wants something really nice but also needs to stick to a budget might find the perfect solution they're looking for in the mini-version of this piece of poplar furniture.

The second obvious advantage is the space savings. A large desk only has so many ways it can be moved or placed in a room, while smaller desks give a lot more flexibility in set up. Also, smaller desks, especially if they are designed as corner or L-shaped pieces of furniture, can be just as or even more efficient with space than the larger models. In that case, why waste the floor space on a bigger, bulkier, model that might not even work as well as the smaller one?

Sometimes the best buy comes from not being sucked in by the impressive size and presence of a large floor model set up in a way that's actually designed to manipulate people into buying when at the store. Sometimes the smart move is going with the classic small writing desk that is light on the pocket book while also covering most, if not all, of your pressing needs.

Beautiful and solid beechwood writing desk

Winsome Wood Writing Desk, Honey
Amazon Price: $194.99 $118.98 Buy Now
(price as of Jan 2, 2015)
This is a simple but elegant small writing desk that sometimes is now referred to as a letter writing desk. The small doors leave plenty of space for pens, stamps, letters, and envelopes while offering a basic elegance and light wood beauty.

Use and re-use, another great benefit!

There's no question that you should looking at the wide variety that this style has to offer you. One of the additional benefits of these pieces of furniture is that once one it is used and you're ready to move on, you can still easily pass on these small desks to your kids or donate them for use in another room. These can be used in high school, college, or in real life business so the diversity of use makes these desks a good choice versus many other styles. In other words, they are a style that can cover a wide variety of needs and necessary issues.

While there will always be people who want the large imposing looking desks, there is a growing segment of people who are looking at small writing desks with an new sense of appreciation. The old saying goes that "Great things come in small packages," and right now this style of furniture works as a perfect case in point to prove that point.

Whatever your specific needs, there's a good chance that you can be matched up with the perfect small writing desk that will meet those specific needs and more!

Small mission computer writing desk

Convenience Concepts 90102 Mission Desk
Amazon Price: $126.32 $92.50 Buy Now
(price as of Jan 2, 2015)
This simple small writing desk is specifically designed to meed the needs of a modern student or home office worker with a section for keyboard, plenty of monitor space, and open slats on the side for multiple options of where to place the tower. Also a great example of a simple small computer desk.

An old picture of a Medieval scholar's desk

Old black and white Medieval writing desk picture
Credit: Wikipedia Commons Public Domain Photo

A good black and white carving displaying what would be referred to as a Medieval writing desk. Appreciate the fine design, and realize that in the mean time furniture has come a long way in the centuries since.

Good example of a video product review - dark cherry

This is a simple review of this dark cherry writing desk, but it's worth a look to see how a review can be simple but also powerfully effective.