If you are really limited on space and are looking for the smallest toaster oven, then consider getting one that can toast like a regular toaster and then bake and grill as well. 

Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation is one such model.  This particular toaster oven is good for anyone that battles trying to cook and toast in a really small space.  If you don’t have the room for a larger oven or a counter top style oven, then this might be the model you are looking for.

It measures 17 inches long by 9 inches high by 9 inches deep.  It is great for heating up chicken nuggets and pizza slices or those small personal pizzas you can get.  If you want to use it as a regular toaster, you simply slide the lever over and the slots on the toaster open so that you can toast bread, bagels, frozen waffles or English muffins.

Once you decide you need to use the oven section, then you simply move the lever again and this closes off the toaster section to retain the heat inside the tiny oven space.

This is great for any kitchen that wants to use a straightforward toaster but also needs to be able to grill and cook some items too.  This way with this model you don’t need to have two apSmallest Toaster OvenCredit: Amazonpliances in your limited space.

These work very well in dorms (as long as these small appliances are allowed in dorm rooms, you need to check) as well as small apartments or portable kitchen setups such as in family rooms and basement areas.

Hamilton Beach 22708 Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Mini Oven, Black

As more and more people downsize, space is at a premium, and by combining appliances you can save storage room, and have them handy and ready to go.

Plus they are not bad looking!  This particular Hamilton Beach toaster and mini oven is a stainless steel finish and looks good.  It cleans up quickly with a crumb tray that can be emptied.  You have control over settings for the toaster part and you also have a control knob for the temperature setting in the oven section.

Other toaster ovens, are designed so that you use the oven section to toast your bread or bagel, but with this model you can use it as a simple on top toaster if you want to. 

So, if you are looking for the smallest toaster oven you can get, then consider this model by Hamilton Beach, you will not find too much smaller than this mini oven and toaster in one.

You can get these economical small appliances at most kitchen supply stores, and you can also find many at larger box electronic stores that sell appliances too, but you can get a huge assortment online at sites such as Amazon for a good price.  You can also get toaster oven baking pans if you wish to use these styles of ovens for more than just heating up chicken nuggets!

Save on the power of using a larger conventional oven, especially when you are cooking for one or two, and consider the uses of these smaller toaster ovens, you can get some that sit on the counter and can roast a chicken or you can get under counter mount toaster ovens too.  But if you want the smallest toaster oven, then this is a good model to consider.