Smart Car Insurance For Your Smart Fortwo

The Smart Fortwo was introduced in 1998 in Paris as a sporty “Smart City Coupe” two seater vehicle manufactured by Smart GmbH.  The fortwo can be purchased as either “fortwo cabrio” or “fortwo and they have survived many editions.  Even though the Smart car is small as compared to other vehicles, it scores an overall “good” rating in front and side collision tests. Therefore it is relatively safe even for being such a compact car. This relatively new-comer on the market also has an electric-powered version and it is also very reasonably priced-usually around $12, 000.


Is There and Exclusive Insurer That cover Smart Cars Including Smart Fortwo?

smart carCredit: wikipedia

Smart Cars are usually covered using conventional insurance companies.  Usually when you apply for car insurance, you will have to give a detailed description of the car, from there the car insurance company will determine the rate.  Although most car insurers will cover the Smart cars, Liberty Mutual seems to be the main Smart Car insurer.  Liberty Mutual has an “affinity program designed specifically for Smart fortwo owners.” According  to Liberty Mutual some of the highlights of this Liberty Mutual car insurance coverage include:

  • Towing to the nearest smart Center or qualified repair shop
  • Genuine Replacement Parts factory-tested for accurate stamping, proper fit, and superior rust protection
  • New Car Replacement - if your new car is totaled, we’ll give you the money to buy a brand-new one5
  • Accident forgiveness and additional discounts based on your smart safety features (air bags, anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices), multi-car discount, low mileage discount and more!


Where Else Can I Get Smart Car Insurance If I Do not Want Liberty Mutual?

Other car insurance companies such as GEICO, State Farm, Allstate, Erie Insurance Company Progressive Auto Insurance and Farmers Auto Insurance  will also give you good rates on your car insurance premiums if you do not choose to go through Liberty Mutual. Don’t think that you are trapped and only have to deal with one insurance company.  They just have a policy that caters to Smart fortwo owners but it may not be the most affordable for your budget.  Don’t be afraid to shop around, there are quite a few reputable auto insurers that will give you good Smart car insurance at a reasonable rate. Shop around for the best deals.


What About

Check there as well.  In fact, if you choose not to go through the Smart Car premier insurer-Liberty Mutual, then you should check next.  It will give you a list of insurance companies that will insure your vehicle and give you the best price for the coverage you want.  Just enter your “auto” and your zip code and it will take you to your selection screen.  There you will see your options to insure your Smart car.  Fill out the form and choose the type of smart fortwo you own and a list will generate that will compare different reputable insurance companies that would love your business. 


Shop Around

Liberty Mutual seems to have a pretty good offer, but make sure your read the fine print before you start making your premiums. And make sure you shop around to make sure you get the best deal and the best coverage.