Smart Software Developers

The developers of smart phones are in a bumper technology revolution season. Smartphones/devices have become “must have”, and the corresponding data plan and battery/storage extenders stack on the basic needs of a modern communicative person. The two names that define the market competition are these:


  • AppleiOS-7Credit: Flikr - adrian boioglu

Apple has always been more focused on quality. It's their calling card. Their customer service is top rate. They put well-tested hardware into tightly enclosed encasements and follow them with specially suited software that will perform with little frustration. It's obvious that a end-minded consumer will choose the nearly bugless product with little external additions and extensions. In addition to quality, Apple boasts a long history of computing. In fact, one of the first, having released the Apple I computer in 1976.[4]

  • GoogleMicrosoft  The massive Redmond-based Operating System corporation has spread into several new technological directions, with Xbox in the video game console industry, and Windows Phone in the Smartphone industry. This makes an interesting case for those whCredit: Flickr - lee brave

While Apple claims quality and a tightly chosen propriety enclosure, the Android movement intends to keep customization in the hands of the consumer. Android is technically software, but it has been represented in a multitude of different hardware variants. The idea is the brainchild of the international and massively dominating search engine giant Google. Google has chosen to partner with several hardware developers to show their Operating System. Google hides little in the fact that it's software is open-source based. It's this fact that many choose the Android route.

  • MicrosoftWindows-phone-tangoCredit: Flikr - windowsphone cheap

The massive Redmond-based Operating System corporation has spread into several new technological directions, with Xbox in the video game console industry, and Windows Phone in the Smartphone industry. This makes an interesting case for those who have a newer version of Windows, or an active Xbox Live account. These devices can do a lot of collaboration with each other, especially with Microsoft moving into the cloud a lot more. Microsoft is not skimping on hardware either. Windows Phone 8 is a powerful Operating System framework, being offered on a veriety of devices, and cellular carrier's. Microsoft's name enables them to push their very own line of phones that compete with the best.

Hardware Developers

Apple does so much in-house. While this is a little mysterious, as long as it works, no one really minds. But unfortunately, it means that upgrades to older devices in the hardware department are not possible. Of course, Apple attempts to develop longevity-based devices, and software updates that will push older devices into a new software season; but new features on a new design are likely to attract a feature-addict.

SamsungSamsung_Galaxy_Note_8_Pics_2 Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0Credit: Flickr XoZeN

Korea-based electronics corporation Samsung is a solid competitor with Apple, having high quality hardware to display, with a verity of different flavors to choose from. Samsung has some powerful visions for the future, and are pushing forward in more than just one market, pushing to edge of technological limits.[3] The Samsung Galaxy series is a powerful competitor with Apples Iphone, but Samsung also offers the Galaxy Note series, which offers a notably large screen feature. It's a feature that certainly has captivated many consumers.

HTCHTC OneCredit: Flikr - John Karakatsanis

A very young contributor to the market is HTC. It's focus is Smartphones. HTC does an awesome job of creating quality hardware and compressing it into a tiny shell. As an android device, it (along with most android devices) offer several extension options. In addition to the ever-popular Micro SD card memory expansion, (depending on the carrier) many devices offer sim card interchangeability. This leaves much choice to the consumer. But perhaps the biggest front that HTC offers is innovation on a budget. They can deliver the leading tech with out breaking the bank. Their latest device (HTC One), is a major trend in the market right now.

BlackberryBlackBerry Tour with PandoraCredit: Flikr - Mr. TinDC

This smart phone distributor is well-experienced in the smart phone industry. Blackberry has always had a special eye on the business consumers of the now-massive market. Blackberry actually predates Apple's Iphone, geared more for technical needs of investors, and other economical innovators. But Blackberry can no longer claim much of anything in the present market, but experience.

Necessity of Smart Devices

Apps have become a household term, having gained so much attention, that web browsers like Google Chrome have adopted App stores for the PC browser, as an alternative to mobile apps. GPS (Global Positioning System) is an undisbuted reality in a traffic heavy, metropolis-driven world. GPS means less time looking up paper maps, and more time at destinations.

The internet simply isn't going anywhere; it was designed so it wouldn't. The data plan of a smart device makes the internet accessible to an individual in a new era. From mountain-top excursions, to underwater endeavor's, to even locations outside of Earth's atmosphere, Cellular reception has made the internet all the more of an uninteruptable inter-connected network. finally, smart devices pack more than just connection to the outside world, they carry exquisite local features as well. Many devices boast 1080p camera's, both front and rear facing, motion sensor's, and multi-function light lamps (typically intended for the camera flash.)