When we're trying to lose weight, it's all to easy to focus on what we eat, and not give enough consideration to what we drink each day.

Weight Loss That Works:

Every latte, fizzy soda and even vitamin waters contribute to us piling on the pounds. By making some simple changes, you can accelerate weight loss, feel happier and healthier and watch your waistline shrink.

By making simple switches, it's easy to cut back on calories.

Weight Loss That Works - Sodas are a N0-No:

Let's start with sodas. Even the diet ones do us harm. They deplete calcium, can help contribute to diabetes and destroy the lining of your stomach. The sweetness of even the diet versions creates an insulin spike, which blocks your body's ability to burn fat. It also disrupts our body's ability to feel full, which means we may eat more without even knowing it. So, diet version or not, they have to go. If you must have some, then make it a special treat – maybe once a week – everything in moderation.

Weight Loss That Works - Beware Hidden Calories in Coffee:

Coffee is another great diet destroyer. That latte you love can be up to 260 calories for a 16oz cup. That's before you add any flavourings, sugar and syrups. Cappucinos are similar in calories, and mochas – even more! If you make it at home, make sure you make it with skim, not full fat milk, and try to get used to coffee and hot drinks without any sugar. This is not as difficult as it seems – try reducing the amount of sugar by a little day by day, and you'll hardly notice the difference. If you must indulge, opt for espresso, americano or macchiato, with no sugar and a little skim milk. Sugar free tea with skim milk is an even healthier choice. Green and white teas without milk are packed full of antioxidants - become a connoisseur!

Weight Loss That Works - Vitamin Water Is Not Your Friend:

One of the toughest diet drink truths out there is that vitamin water is also a dieting enemy. Most of them contain NO fruit (check the label!) and some of them contain even more sugar than a 12oz regular cola! Hidden sugars are in the form of 'crystalline fructose' and bottles often contain 2.5 servings – so read the ingredients list and do the math!

Weight Loss That Works - Mind Your Sugar in Juices and Smoothies:

Fruit smoothies and juices are a better choice, however – again, check serving size and look out for hidden sugars and be sure they contain real fruit, not concentrate. Far better (and more filling) is to eat the fruits themselves, rather than the liquid version. You'll feel fuller, be getting all the vital nutrients and can trade those saved calories for a glass of dry white wine (77 calories) in the evening!

Weight Loss That Works - The Good Guys:

Of course, the best choice of all is to drink water. Pure, clean water. But realistically, unless you're on some crazy starvation diet, it's not going to happen, is it? You could try adding a few drops of fresh lime or lemon juice to it for a refreshing lift. Fruit teas are another good choice and, assuming you add no sugar, are a great hot drink replacement. Mix these up with some low calorie coffee choices and the occasional soda as a treat, and watch the pounds drop!

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