Eggcell by Brigido AlcaydeCredit: Brigido Alcayde 

1.      Why is Breakfast Important

    Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day; however, it is surprising how many people actually skip an energetic breakfast without realising the consequences that could cause to your body and well-being; people who don’t have breakfast tend to gain weight more easily that those that do. Breakfast is the fuel that your body and mind requires after fasting for over twelve hours. A smart meal would include the perfect balance of proteins, good fats and carbohydrates. There are many debates about what could be considered the best breakfast; however, porridge with fruit, nuts, honey and seeds with a half-full glass of orange juice always comes on top. If time is a limited factor, you should consider having smoothies before leaving your house. A good personal blender will do the work for you in matter of minutes.

    2.      Walk to Work: Walking to Lose Weight

      How stressful do you find driving to work? If you live in a busy city such as London, New York, Chicago or Sydney; then you might appreciate the benefits of walking to work; it doesn’t mean working from the door of your house to the door of your workplace; but if you have the opportunity to take the train, metro, underground or bus, why don’t you do it? The only difference is that you will get off one stop before your normal stop and walk the rest of the journey; it might add 15 extra minutes in the morning and 15 more in the afternoon; but if this is the only exercise you are taking a day; the benefits of physical exercise for your health will be tremendous; you will notice the results almost straight away.


      3.      Cycling to Work: Good Health and Save Money

        Apart from the fact that cycling to work is good for the environment (it doesn’t produce any carbon footprint) and the fact that you will save a lot of money (savings on gas, fuel, tires, fluids, insurance, maintenance, washing and parking, fines); the benefits for your health are absolutely remarkable; cycling is not only a fun and relaxing exercise, it is also one of the best therapeutic practices for your mind and spirit; it is also estimated that an hour of cycling will help you burn around 700 calories; this will easily add up to your weight management program, especially if you do it at least three times a week.


        4.      Benefits of Relaxation and Longevity

          Stress is one of the most common ‘modern’ reason for absenteeism in the workplace; although, in the past it was seen as an excuse for a day off, it has now been proved that long-term stress could case serious damages to your well-being and it might contribute to a range of chronic diseases. Stress Management Techniques should be an important part of your health program. Yoga and meditation is good for the mind, it combats tension and prepare you mentally to your busy life. If you don’t have a lot of time, try to find at least 5 minutes a day, probably before going to work and meditate. If you have more time and want to combine an excellent stress killer with an interesting weight killer why don’t you try Bikram Yoga or the Hot Yoga?


          5.      Forget About Work: Working Life Balance

            It doesn’t matter how busy you are or how senior you are in your company; the success of any company depends on having motivated staff; and one of the keys to have a happy staff is by providing flexible working opportunities (as well as a good financial incentive). Once you get home, you need to forget about work; learning to break the links with work it is difficult but a technique that will work wonders on you and the productivity of your work as well; by learning how to relax you will sleep better and as a consequence, you will be more productive at work; it is a win-win situation.