Smart Liposuction can throw off some people, because it often is not referring to only one specific type of cosmetic procedure. When someone says "smart liposuction," that person can be referring to a wide range of things. Sometimes this is the same as laser liposuction. In fact, this is the most common use of the term despite the fact that there is a very specific type of laser surgery that is called SMART liposuction.

Whatever specific form the person is talking about, you know that in all likelihood it's going to be a popular choice because smart liposuction has made some amazing advances in recent years that have made this a low impact procedure, and one that is sometimes even referred to as "non surgical" in nature. One thing to realize is that all types of "smart" cosmetic procedures use are going to be laser based. So if you have any issues with heat use or lasers, then this is not the type of option that you should be considering. While non surgical liposuction cosmetic procedures are in general more costly than the old fashioned methods, smart lipo does tend to be on the more expensive side even for these advanced treatments.

While the non surgical or low impact options are a better choice for safety reasons, it is important to remember that no matter what type of cosmetic surgery you're looking at, it's still called surgery for a reason. None of these surgeries should be seen as a magic cure all to weight loss, either. Fat cells are removed, but these undertakings are meant for people who are already in good shape and not as a way to remove weight from dangerously obese people.

Smart liposuction works by using the laser to "melt" fat cells so they liquefy, and then your body will work naturally to flush them out of your system. The procedure has been streamlined and improved to the point where this can often be done with a local anesthetic and the patient conscious and not feeling any pain. Bruising is to be expected over time, but even that is relatively minor considering a surgical procedure just took place.

There are several reasons why smart liposuction is considered a good choice, which includes the relatively low cost compared to the invasive old fashioned liposuction procedures, the low impact of smart liposuction compared to other options, and the extraordinarily quick recovery time which sometimes allows patients to walk out of the office right after the procedure.