Homes are no longer bought by the four walled definition. As more and more people realize their dream of buying a new house for themselves, they are making conscious inquiries into the intricate art of home making and are checking with civil engineers, architects, estate developers and interior designers as to how to make their homes more comfortable and durable. Coming out of the one size fits all duplex tenement schemes, housing has become an exclusively individual concept to understand the needs of the prospective home buyer and accommodate them in their budget plan.

Here are some new home design concepts that people need to look out for in their new homes.

Contour mapping
Asking the property developer whether he has taken a contour mapping of the entire proposed land shall help you understand the finer aspects like whether the plot of land you are selecting belongs to a higher or lower elevation. This shall be beneficial to understand that if in future there is excessive rainfall then the water level doesn't sink your ground floor. Contour mapping also shows how level your foundation is and whether your house is being constructed at an inclined position. This shall help you in suggesting corrective architectural changes that give equal balance to the walls to carry equal weight.

Eco ventilation
Design of the house should be in such a way that it can benefit from the natural air flow direction. A house built in the direction of the regular air flow shall remain well ventilated. Not only will the dry, stuffy feeling in rooms be eliminated, it will also drop the room temperature by as much as 3 degrees. Natural cross ventilation can be made most effective by keeping big windows which are at a body level and not above chest level in rooms.

Natural sunlight
Select a house that has the main door and living room unit facing the East. This shall ensure that the good morning sunlight shall reach the room and provide natural illumination. This shall cut down dependence on electricity. Also if you have some garden space in the house, try and keep it facing east so that plants and lawn can receive morning sunlight to grow.

Using Eco-friendly construction material
Many Eco-friendly construction material are available that help the house breathe. i.e. helps regulate house temperature. Standard bricks insulate heat in the house making the residents feel uneasy. Instead you can opt for Eco-friendly fly ash bricks which are not only sturdy and durable bu also have pore like molecular structure which helps the bricks to cool down as the breeze flows and the house doesn't retain excessive heat in the day. In the night, it lowers the room temperature for the residents to experience cool temperature without turning the AC on.

Lifestyle Amenities
Almost all housing properties now offer lifestyle amenities like clubhouse, common garden/party plot, joggers park and recreation spot. Other amenities prospective home buyers need to take care of are street lighting, paving of internal road, community corpus for common expenses, gated security and restricted visitor entry.