Social media is increasingly important and relevant within the worldwide discussion on how to promote your business - and they are extremely powerful technologies that can market your business and products like never before.  It might take some initial investment of time and money, but the successful formulation of your business’ online identity will certainly lead to increased traffic and growing profits.  In fact, many of the techniques for promoting your business online are free to do, and require little technical education within the computer sciences in order to get great results.  It is possible to use these tools online to boost your company’s productivity as well, decreasing the amount of time that your employees need to invest in grunt work in order to get the messages of your company across to the public.  No matter the size of your business, social media marketing is an effective ingredient that should be included in your marketing strategies.

The Standards of Social Media:  Facebook and Twitter

One critical mechanism for promoting your business in today’s day and age is Facebook, an incredible resource that will multiply your business’ potential for profit.  Creating a page is free to do, and a basic page can be set up in less than 10 minutes with little to no technical expertise.  Simply sign into your own account, and create a page for your business, adding your small business colleagues as administrators, and uploading the basic information about your business, your products, and sales.  It is easy to pay for promotion of your page, but you can also use low- or no-cost mechanisms, such as plugging Facebook widgets into your other online sites, sharing Facebook links, and developing promotions that give discounts to new subscribers to your page.

Twitter can be a wonderful - and also dangerous - social media platform for a business.  There are many schools of thoughts on how to most effectively utilize your Twitter handle, but the best option is to play conservatively with the platform.  Share promotion codes and links to relevant company information on the handle, encouraging retweets for additional discounts for the customer who does retweet you, in order to gain more followers.

Creating a Wikipedia Page

It is common knowledge that Wikipedia is an open-source and collaborative encyclopedia, such that anyone can edit and create articles on the server.  But many people shy away from being an administrator or creator of a Wikipedia page since they fear they don’t have the technical expertise to successfully build a page.  However, on the contrary making a Wikipedia page can be done by using the Wikipedia Article Wizard, found through the main page of the web giant - and of course, it offers free promotion, granted other reviewers deem your article content factual. Yodle’s Wikipedia page offers a good example:  straying from exaggerated claims and hyperbolic statements, the page concentrates on general facts that offer a polished and professional image of their company.  

Other Platforms:  Google+, Podcasts and Ebooks

In order to diversify your client base and extend your company’s reach, you might want to consider employing several other platforms of marketing and distribution online.  For example, much like the establishment of a Facebook platform for your business, you might also want to create a Google+ page with similar information and deals for those who prefer the latter social media site over the former.  Another option is to market your services through the publication of new media that can be downloaded for free, such as an iTunes podcast or a series of Ebooks, that transfer critical concepts and establish trust in your company among a new, untapped client base.  The opportunities for marketing your company online are endless, but the smart approach is to keep things simple and focus on a few strong and popular platforms, building simple pages and handles while keeping your content conservative, polished, and professional.